For this week’s Remember When feature we bring you pictures of the ever-changing Manchester Road. With the possible demolition of The New Inn pub and plans to build 554 flats, Manchester Road is certainly going to look very different for the next generation of Bradfordians.

But this is far from the first time the area has been transformed. Back in the 1970s the work to widen what was then a single-carriageway road to three lanes in each direction changed the face of the area forever.

When it reopened in 1975 pedestrians found creative ways to get around - or rather over - the new safety barriers in the centre of the road, some going as far as to carry makeshift steps with them to hop over them.

Looking at these pictures from our archive it's striking how little traffic there was in those days. Six lanes must have seemed like overkill - little did we suspect the rush-hour gridlock that was to come in future decades.