IN our latest look back through the T&A archives, here are six rounders teams from yesteryear.

Do you remember any of the faces in these pictures?

POLLARD PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL 1994: Top row, (left to right) Sher Alam, Muddassar Hussian, Umar Khan, Manjinder Singh, Wajid Hussain.

Bottom row, (left to right) Robert Schofield, Sajad Khan, Bilal Azad (capt), Shoaib Mahmood, Abdul Ali, teacher Pamela Southwick.

RHODESWAY UPPER SCHOOL U15 1994: Back (from left): Tracey Ingleton, Saina Farris, Zoe Smith, Stacey Pearson, Charlotte Wall.

Front: Afia Raffique, Stephanie Warner, Gully Zafar (capt), Sophia Milone, Nadin Shaffique.

ST WINEFRIDES FIRST SCHOOL U10 1991: Front row, from left: Sara Ellis, Kathryn Hamilton, Carla Leeming, Louise McDermot, Nicola Sutcliffe, Helen Suddards, Samantha Czakon, Kelly Drummond, Ruth Iles, Gemma Brine. Back row, from left: Christopher Storton, James Lambert, Matthew Brook, Christopher Stajkowski, Alex McLoughlin, Danny Boshell, Andrew Dignam, Matthew Bird, Peter Fieldhouse, Sean Bartlett, Jonothan Lister, John Ryan.

THORPE MIDDLE SCHOOL 1995: Front (left to right) Sarah Highmore, Bianca Sharp, Gemma Stalley (capt), Stephanie Oddy, Lisa Airton. Back (left to right) Dale Goodall, Paul Jack, Andrew Smith, Neil Mathers, Ryan Dinsdale.

WIBSEY MIDDLE SCHOOL U13 1995: Back row, (left to right) Nicola Smythe, Zoe Stringer, Emma Smith, Lisa Walsh, Karly Augustine, Leanne McFarland. Front row, (left to right) Sally Thompson, Sarah Stowell, Alana King, Nichola Kane, Juliette Hanson, Alex Owen.

GREAT HORTON MIDDLE SCHOOL 1992: Front row, (left to right): Yusuf Mayat, Akbar Khan, Sakil Patel, Kasim Malik, Abass Ali. Back row, (left to right): Sajid Rehman, Daniel Ferrand, Ishfaq Ahsan, Andrew Hagan, Amir Majeed.

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