In the latest edition of our new weekly look back through the T&A picture archives, here are three rugby teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise any of the players?

DRIGHLINGTON 1979: They include W. Garside, B. Fisher, G. Evans, D. Bateman, T. Hobson, M. Ward, S. Goor, K. Bloomfield, I. Johnson, D. Ingham, N. Sprine, A. Brooke, S. Gamson, M. Tolson, M. Robinson.

DE LACY HOTEL 1967: From left, standing: E. Habergham, W. Kelly, A. McCurley, D. Hall, J. Mordaunt, R. M. Donson, I. Baxter, A. Field. In front, A. Fawthrop (substitute), A. Hodgson, B. Tayler (captain), A. Brady (substitute), M. Collins, D. Hanslip.

DUDLEY HILL 1969: From left, back, R. Burnham (secretary), J. Meekin, H. Gardecki, D. Hanslip, W. Kelly, R. M. Dobson, M. R. Broadbent, F. Hodgson (capt.) P. Newton, B. Dotchin (trainer). Front, R. Francis, D. Hall, B. Oaks, B. Taylor, A. Field, D. Hogg, H. Verity.

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