We have seen some good weather this week, with bright sunshine and generally mild temperatures, but we have also seen blizzards at times and the weekend forecast is for cold temperatures and even ice and snow. It seems doubtful we will see many anglers out on the banks over the next few days.

Despite the sometimes good conditions, fish do not seem to have been much on the feed. Darren Bromfield managed to land a few pike at Shipton Lake – his best being about 10lb – but the usually reliable Andy Fieldhouse, trying lamprey sections and bread crust at Topcliffe on the River Swale, managed only one average-sized chub.

Yet we have had two well-attended working parties to plant nearly 1,000 trees which the club acquired from the Woodland Trust. Working with local businesses, some of these saplings have been set into the riverbank below Gargrave, while others have been planted behind protective fences round the inflow of Eshton Beck and towards Broughton. In time, these trees should stabilise the banks and help protect against erosion, while providing habitat and wider environment benefits for fish and other wildlife. The final tree-planting session we had planned today has been cancelled, since all our work is now complete.

We have again seen tackle and equipment being left behind at our fisheries. If anyone has lost anything, contact Jim Munden on 07940-814431.

Yearbooks for 2018 continue to be on sale at most agents and our online shop via the link on the front page of our website. A reminder and newsletter will be e-mailed this weekend to all members for whom we have addresses.

Our next match will be the Geoff Scollick Cup and Christmas Cheer event on the River Swale at Salmon Hall on Saturday, December 16. To book a place, or for information, call Rodney Brooksbank on 07875-275749.


Whinnygill Reservoir benefited from a restocking last Sunday, when a mixed bag of good-quality coarse fish was introduced into the water in what was fortunately a quiet weather interlude for those who assisted with the stocking. The following fish were introduced: 177 crucian carp, 270 rudd (silver and golden), 104 bream, 175 tench and 100 gudgeon. A further consignment of 20-25cm (8-10in) roach will be introduced in the not-too-distant future. With the weather being far from settled and generally on the cold side, it is unlikely that any of these fish will soon be caught, but they will certainly have become acclimatised by the time the temperature begins to rise in the spring. Recent spells of sleet, snow and heavy rain (over 75mm last week) raised the level on the River Aire to near bank top by the weekend and not a single angler was to be seen there. Further heavy rain in a gale-force easterly wind on Monday evening put down 12mm (half an inch) of rain in about an hour and, coupled with melting snow above Malham, no doubt caused some flooding into the fields. One good thing is that all the leaves have finally fallen and have been carried away in the flood conditions. This will ease the way for brown trout to ascend the becks for spawning, which usually takes place locally in the first two weeks of December but may vary depending on the temperature. Hopefully, settled conditions in the near future will contribute to a successful spawning session. Results are not to hand for the match on the canal last Sunday on the top side of the Aireville Park swing bridge. This is the venue for the Skipton Winter League match on Sunday, along with the length towards Dewhirst's Mill, and competitors will be hoping for settled weather. In both the individual and pairs competitions, the leading anglers are reasonably close and another bout of poor sport could bring about some changes at the top.


This year's Raskelf Winter Series got underway on Sunday, with patches of ice greeting some of the 34 anglers. Result: 1 Graham Jackson (defending champion) 19lb 2oz (F1 carp on feeder), 2 Stuart Tate 17lb 8oz, 3 Ian Newby 13lb 10oz, 4 Gavin Mitchell 10lb 6oz. Next round: Sunday, January 28. The River Nidd at Cowthorpe will be closed on Sunday for the Daily Mirror Cup open match. Tickets are available from Simon on 01274-571175. Temperatures are expected to drop again this weekend, so most still-waters will probably be frozen but the rivers are still worth fishing. The River Calder at Gravel Pits is fishing well for grayling, while the River Wharfe at Addingham will be worth fishing for chub and grayling. The River Swale at Topcliffe has been producing good nets of roach on float and maggot, as well as the odd chub. Bradford No 1 hoodies, polo shirts and hats are available to buy on the club website.


Result of the Tuesday match on Kippax Park (Lapwing): 1 N Rymer 60lb 12oz, 2 S Pearson 54lb 11oz, 3 A Rymer 52lb 11oz. Result of the Wednesday match at Moor Monkton Pools: 1 G Watson 22lb 11oz, 2 A Bull 12lb 7oz, 3 S Jeffreys 6lb 12oz. Result of Sunday's match: 1 G Watson 31lb 5oz, 2 M Green 20lb 2oz, 3 S Powers 15lb 15oz. For the last few days, ice has had to be cleared from the lakes on this complex before fishing could begin. Not many catch reports have been received over the last week but grayling are responding on the Wharfe, mostly in numbers but no large fish.


Result of the Fox Brothers Aggregate Points Trophy – Winner: E Harrison 296 points; runners-up: B Mason, R Thorne, who has won the club trophy for the most fish. Coarse fish have been slow to respond on the River Aire. A few out-of-season trout have been caught and these must be returned unharmed. Small fish have been caught from the Leeds-Liverpool Canal from sheltered swims. Junior members can obtain Leeds Amalgamation books free next year. Full details later.


Christmas Cheer match in Myrtle Park on Sunday, draw 9am, to book on contact A Newman on 07783-332705. Yearbook prices for 2018 are staying the same for 2018 and these will hopefully be available in tackle shops and online before Christmas.