ANDY Jacques claimed his third members' match win of the year on Sunday as he sealed his second aggregate weight title – and with a new record weight! Andy's 38lb 11oz catch of F1 carp on pole from Raskelf Lake was enough to win the Spenborough Guardian Trophy and took his total over the seven matches to 126lb 7oz as he became the 70th winner of the Aggregate Weight Trophy in the process. His combined weight was 30lb more than second place and is a new record for the trophy, 18lb better than the previous best. Second place on the day, and on the aggregate weight, was James Vickerman, whose 32lb 8oz catch of F1 carp on method feeder took his total to 96lb 10oz.

Spenborough Guardian Trophy: 1 Andy Jacques 38lb 11oz, 2 James Vickerman 32lb 8oz, 3 Dawid Moska 24lb 8oz, 4 Chris Pitman 20lb 10oz, 5 Bob Newby 20lb 8oz. Aggregate Weight Trophy: 1 Andy Jacques 126lb 7oz, 2 James Vickerman 96lb 10oz, 3 Bill Scott 59lb 4oz, 4 Andy Fox 57lb 3oz, 5th Ian Newby 46lb 4oz.

This year's Knotford Carp Cup winner is Scott Friend, with a common carp weighing 32lb 4oz. Mick Batley is the winner of the Kirklees Carp Cup with the fish known as 'Wonky', weighing 31lb 9oz.

The River Aire at Beal will be closed on Sunday for an outside booking.


Result of the open match at Kippax Park on Saturday, September 30: 1 N Rymer 131lb 9oz, 2 M Donald 98lb 8oz, 3 J Walk 73lb 6oz. Result of the Tuesday open: 1 P Carter 95lb, 2 N Rymer 58lb 10oz, 3 J Redmond 55lb 8oz. Result of the match at Moor Monkton Pools on October 1: 1 L Myers with 103lb 7oz, 2 M Gallagher 89lb, 3 A Middleton 50lb 13oz. Result of Wednesday match: 1 J Roper 134lb 14oz, 2 G Watson 94lb 13oz, 3 S Bates 55lb 10oz. Results of last weekend's matches were affected to a degree by the gradual fall in temperatures. At Kippax Park: 1 S Jeffreys 63lb 15oz, 2 A Broomhead 51lb 12oz, 3 O Hewitt 46lb 5oz. At Moor Monkton Pools: 1 J Roper 88lb 12oz, 2 M Brotherton 51lb 12oz, 3 G Watson 50lb 2oz. The river levels continue to fluctuate, and angling results do likewise, the one species to benefit from this being the barbel. Some good individual fish have been recorded from the Swale, the Lower Ure and Upper Ouse. At Knotford, the weed is now starting to die back and several good carp have been brought to bank.


In future members' matches, yearbooks will be checked as it has been found that some anglers have been fishing these events who do not have a current book. Also if it is a trophy match which was been won by such an angler, the trophy will go to the highest-placed member. The draw for Sunday's open match on the canal is at 10am, contact 01132-772215 to book on. The committee match fished on the canal was a disappointment, with only a few small fish being caught. The winner was E Harrison, with runners-up G Reeday and D Jackson. This match was fished on a length of the canal not usually fished in matches. Pilley's continues to fish quite well. Catch reports are welcome.


Club secretary Graeme Waterfall has set the ball rolling with the first record fish from our length on the Broughton Road length of the canal at Skipton. Graeme's fish was a decent bream that tipped the scales at 1570g (3:7:4), and was landed from the Bowling Club length.

Records are open for decent-sized fish upwards for perch, roach, gudgeon, ruffe, chub, pike and brown trout – when in season. Fish should be weighed on good-quality scales, and must be witnessed by a club member if at all possible. Failing this, the fish must be photographed against a suitable measure and also the weight shown on the scales in kilograms.

We are now in our second year of renting a length of fishing on the canal, and the full stretch begins at Belmont Bridge (No 178) near the town centre basin and extends westward to the Niffany Farm swing bridge (No 175). It also includes the full length of the Springs Canal branch, and both lengths are also available for non-members via the purchase of a day ticket from Pennine Cruisers Boat Shop at the basin (cheaper in advance than purchased on the bank). From bridge No 178 southwards to beyond Kildwick, the fishing is in the hands of the Keighley Angling Club.

Further periods of rain have continued to cause the level of the River Aire to fluctuate, making fishing impossible at times. Chub have been turning up in catches from Inghey Bridge downstream, including one or two fish above 900g. A few grayling and out-of-season brown trout have also been caught, mainly on the worm. Three pike anglers in our water on Heslaker Lane were out of luck with their spinning tackle last Sunday.

Embsay Reservoir is having the occasional off-day, but, by and large, the sport is reasonable, with perch, rainbow, tiger and brown trout all readily taking the fly or worm. The latter fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible now that the season has closed.

Skipton Winter League competitors will be fishing the Long Ing length of the canal at Barnoldswick on Sunday, draw 8am. No new registrations to the league will be accepted.


Our next general meeting is on Tuesday, October 17 at the New Inn, East Bierley (8pm). Any rule changes or other important changes must be brought to the attention of the secretary by members at this meeting or before our November annual meeting. We have a trip to Hartlepool aboard Lone Shark, and there are one or two places left. If you would like to go, please ring our trip secretary on 07711-987833 to book your place.