SHIPLEY Youth Bowling Club won a string of titles at the North and South of England Championships.

And numerous members of the ten-pin bowling outfit - based at Shipley Lanes - have received county call-ups following their success.

In the South of England tournament their record was: Singles - first in seniors and graduates; Doubles - first in senior and graduates; all events - second in intermediates, first and third in seniors, first in graduates.

Their title record was also impressive in the North of England Championships. It read: Singles: Div One - girls first; Doubles: Div One - first, Div Two - third, Div Four - second;

Team: Div One - third, Div Three - first; all events: Div One - girls first, boys third; all events: Div Four - boys second.

Members who have been called up for Yorkshire include:

Under-12s male: Jayden Hartley, Ben Erangie, Charlie Turner, Jerald Villegas.

Under-12s female: Grace Thomis, Harriette Bowes.

Under-16s male: Jack Blyth, Thomas Cummings, Kyle Davis, Joshua Davis, George Jagger,

Jem Parkinson-Waters, Ryan Smith, Jacob Villegas, Dylan Worsnop.

Under-16s female: Sophie Bell, Grace Thomis.

The under-12 county finals will be in Guildford on May 5, while the under-16 finals take place in Dunstable on April 27.

Other Shipley members picked for Yorkshire are:

Under-22s male: Callum Simons, Jack Blyth, Jacob Booth, Thomas Cummings, George Jagger, Thomas Johnson, Declan Simons, Aiden Stoner.

Under-22s female: Victoria Pickles, Sophie Bell.

Adults female: Debbie Foster, Sian Craven, Chelsey Dolan, Terri-Anne Faulconbridge, Anastasiya Marr, Katy Neen, Victoria Pickles, Susie Webb.

Adults male: Steve Kay, Adrian Alderson, Joe Crook, Jamie Dolan, Craig Gee, Wayne Greenall, Greg Marcus, Lee Metcalfe, James Shepstone, Callum Simons, Adam Wallis.

Senior female: Carole Orange, Jan Baines, Janet Didur.

Senior male: Frank Lindsay, Alan Bennett, Ron Deacon, Michael Didur, Les Grant, Robert Kay, Ian Kennedy, John , Ron , Eddie Rowe, Jack Smith.