River fishing has been difficult due to fluctuating levels but should fish better now they have been flushed through. The canal continues to fish well early morning being the best time.

One member reported several chub from teapot dam on small floating baits.

The Aire Rivers Trust are having clean up days through August starting today in Keighley contact Nick Milsom on 07378 878857 for details.

Illegal fishing is still a problem at Wray Wood, but the club is getting on top of it and two none members were escorted from the bank at 11pm last Friday.


The club's trip to Shetland was absolutely fantastic.

All members that went all caught personal bests. Cod up to 24lb 2oz, pollock up to 17lb.5oz, ling up to 18lb. A haddock of 9lb, a torsk of 11lb 8oz and a halibut of 38lb with plenty of mackerel and a poor cod of 12oz, just 1oz under the British record. It was not weighed properly so could not be claimed.

The trip to County Donegal takes place on August 7. A report from our six members will be in next week.

The trip to Scarborough on August 23 has been cancelled as not enough interest has been shown.


Harrison Jones won the Cosway Cup junior match at Raskelf with an incredible 47lbs 8oz of F1 carp on method feeder.

This gave him a total of 71lbs 8oz over the two matches, clinching the aggregate weight trophy.

Harry Michael finished second on the match with 31lbs 12oz. The Under-11s section was won by Summer Dermot with six F1s for 11lbs 8oz.

Round three of the Calder League was fished on a high and heavily coloured river, and the catches suffered as a consequence.

The match still produced four double figure weights, topped by Calder 8's Paul Bennett with six big eels for 15lbs 4oz.

Mirfield were the winning team on the day with 38 points, followed by Calder 8 on 35.5.

The River Swale at Maunby will be closed on Sunday for a members match, which will draw on the bank at 9am. Tickets are available from Simon on 01274 571175.

The regions rivers will have had a wash-through following this week's rain so we should see good catches from most stretches, in particular the Nidd and Swale for chub and barbel.


Our next match is at raker lake's acorn lake on Sunday, August 11. Meet at venue at 8am, fishing between 9am and 3pm, keepnets are provided.


The result of the match held at Kippax Park on Tuesday, July 16: 1 D Wright 79lb 4oz; 2 R Thomas 78lb 12oz; 3 L Owen 63lb 11oz.

In the match held on Saturday, the winner was T Evans 69lb 12oz; 2 P Cromie 67lb 5oz; 3 A Rymer 47lb 3oz.

In the match at Moorkmonkton pools on Wednesday, July 17, the winner was D Pollitt 148lb 6oz; 2 A warren 138lb 1oz; 3 G Watson 136lb 13oz.

The result of the Sunday match was: 1 L Smith 67lb 11oz; 2 M Dodsworth 48lb 7oz; 3 A Warren 44lb 8oz.

The result of Sunday's match at Ulleskelf: 1 W Collier 19lb 15oz, three barrel best 8.5lb; 2 A Limbert 18lb 4oz, seven barbel; 3 A Bulmer 16lb.

The combined officials committee match was held last Saturday at Moormonkton pools in torrential rain which persisted for the entire match.

The winner of the delegates and committee cup was D Bocking, runner-up was also winner of the life members trophy S Goodhall, second in the life members was G Willmore, while the Carter trophy for club secretaries was won by S Jeffreys, runner-up E Harrison.

Extensive work continues at Knotford Lagoon to increase the otter fence, we hope that this week does not disturb fishing too much.


The fishing on the canal continues to produce the best results to anglers fishing late evenings or early mornings.

The result of the last match, held upstream of the Rodley Nature reserve: 1 R Thorne 10lb 7oz, made up of two tench and a large perch; 2 E Harrison 1lb 13oz; 3 B Lowthian 1lb 10.5oz; 4 B Paton 1lb 8.5oz.

The result of Sunday's match: 1 J Mason 8lb 8oz, a tench plus perch. He also scooped the golden peg money; 2 B Mason 2lb 5oz; 3 R Thorne 1lb 14oz; 4 M Paton 1lb 11.5oz.

The next open is the Annual Canal Open Championship on August 11 at Rodley below the nature reserve. To book, call 07518 721051.

As usual, the price of the junior membership book has been dropped to £2 for the rest of the year.


Record temperatures followed by torrential downpours played havoc with anglers trying to figure out the best fishing tactics on local waters.

And just a few days after drawing public attention to the dangers of cooling off in the river and canal, Keighley Angling Club has issued a warning to river users to be watchful of rising water levels and to take care on slippery footpaths .

While the extreme conditions have made fishing tough, there have been several sightings of roach shoaling along the canal, especially beneath rhododendron bushes west of Riddlesden. There have also been large numbers of perch gathering to feast on this year’s fry close to Leeches Bridge.

Despite the unfavourable conditions, water flushing down from hills has already started to refresh the river, revitalising chub and trout as they rise up to feed on insects dislodged from overhanging vegetation. This is creating prime conditions for coarse and fly anglers alike.

Keighley Angling Club has set up a new Facebook page and is particularly keen to hear from youngsters eager to try their hand at fishing during the school holidays.

Day tickets and club books can be obtained from local tackle shops or from club secretary Dennis Freeman on 07980 338225.


LAST week was a week of extremes with high temperatures culminating in a 31.9C high for the year on Thursday and 72mm of rain falling up to Sunday evening.

Even so, the ground was so dry that virtually all of the rain must have soaked in, for by the beginning of this week, the level of the River Aire had risen by only about 250mm, scarcely enough to re-oxygenate the water after the latest drought.

Prior to the rain, reports from the Aire suggest that the bigger fish have all moved downstream judging from what is being caught.

From Skipton upstream, catches are mainly of trout and grayling but this season a 900g fish is a specimen.

On the Keighley water, anglers are making do with trout, perch, ruffe and plenty of small chub up to about 200mm in length and are wondering where all the bigger fish have gone.

From Bingley downstream there is a good selection of fish being caught including barbel, bream and roach some of which are of specimen size.

A particularly good fish landed recently at Leeds was a 2,300g perch which was caught on a dace livebait.

Nearer home, the canal down Broughton Road has been fishing well with plenty of roach and perch coming to the net.

Small fish are so numerous that it is difficult getting baits down past them in the water.

Success in doing so means that any fish caught will be of a bigger size up to around the 450g mark.

With the Skipton AA Whinnygill Sunset Series halfway through, Russell Heaton has moved into a good position from which to defend the trophy that he won last year.

The warm weather has continued to improve the sport on the reservoir with quality roach, perch, bream, ide and carp being landed.

The leading competitors for the sunset trophy are: 1 Russell Heaton 8 points; 2 John Leatt 13; 3 Simon Chenier 14; 4 Malcolm Mawson 15 and Ernest Ramsbotham 26.

The next match for the Peter Hart Memorial Trophy will be fished on Embsay reservoir on Sunday, August 11, with the draw at 8am.