DARREN Tetley is excited to get back in the ring come October, after splitting with Frank Warren.

The Bradford boxer parted company with Warren's Queensberry Promotions and is now looking forward to pushing on as a 'free agent'.

Tetley announced the news on his Twitter profile at the weekend.

The 26-year-old said there was no animosity between the pair and that nothing specific prompted the decision.

He added: "It was agreed by both of us.

"We spoke to them and they gave us their best - it was a mutual decision."

Tetley signed a three-year deal with Warren's promotional company in April 2017 and went on to win the WBO European Welterweight Belt in that time.

But the boxer - who employs an unorthodox southpaw stance - felt, through no fault of either party, that he never pushed on.

Now, he's eager to sort a bout for October 5 and said he won't turn his back entirely on the promotional world.

Tetley added: "When you're in a promotional contract you can only fight certain fights.

"When you're a free agent, you're available to fight on any show.

"We're open to see what offers come.

"Obviously, I signed with Warren, had the biggest fight of my career, and for some reason it never pushed on.

"So we'll see what offers come, if any offers come, we'll do the best for my career and do the best for me financially as well."

The Bradfordian's future ambitions focus on sealing the British title rather than looking to regain his WBO European Welterweight Belt.

He said: "I wouldn't fight for the same title again.

"The only reason really being is, I won the belt, if you win the belt, the first defence you get more money than you get for the challenge.

"Then the second defence you get more money than the first defence, then each fight the money would increase.

"If I was to fight for that title again, I'd probably get similar of less than what I got for challenging for it in the first place.

"Realistically I should really deserve more.

"The title I want is the British title."

But, Tetley says he is waiting for the opportunity to arise and admits it can be frustrating being in the position he's in.

He added: "I think the type of fighter I am, I'm sort of in the 'who needs me' club.

"No one wants to fight a southpaw anyway, so in their eyes they've got everything to lose and nothing to gain from fighting me."

Tetley's last bout came against Pal Olah in March of this year at the Bradford Hotel.

He won that with a knock-out, taking his total tally to eight, with 18 undefeated fights.