THE rugged unforgiving Brimham Rocks venue high above Summerbridge provided the ideal backdrop for the fourth event in ACU Belle Trailers-sponsored British Youth Trials Championship, which was run by Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club on Saturday and Sunday.

A total of 65 competitors in six championship classes and age groups converged on the non-tourist area of the legendary pre-historic rock formations.

The boys and girls travelled from all parts of the British Isle. A strong contingent sailed from the Isle of Man and the Ulster province, from Brighton to Inverness, from South Wales and Newton Abbott.

Stephen Addy and his team set out two distinctly courses for each day. Saturday's programme catered for the youngest for age groups while the Sunday trial was a tougher prospect for many, but the big names shone as expected.

Event secretary Lizz Addy dealt with a mountain of documentation, ably assisted by her six-year-old daughter Izzy, who also assisted awards presenters Mike Hinch and Danny Cockshott.

On Saturday, 39 youngsters contested four classes. It was a testing day even with bright sun and a somewhat humid atmosphere.

West of England boy Tom Gibbins appeared confident and line perfect at the first section.

Gibbins posted an opening lap score of four penalties which Otley boy Bobby Crabtree matched with Manx visitor Jacob Wilson a close second.

Those two along with Co Down's Mason Crawford rode lap two for one penalty. Section seven and nine in the ravine were the hardest. Crabtree hung in to take second place just ahead of Wilson.

The almost invincible George Hemingway really had a battle on his hands.

At the end of lap one, Scott Euan Sim handed in a clean punch card. While little Hemmo was a two, but two laps later the East Keswick lad was still just on two marks.

Torrential rain the tested the overnight campers but the sun soon resolved any grip problems as the leaf covered trees sheltered the majority of sections.

The first two sections were mild but the third was a vicious rock step up onto a narrow ledge and a couple of feet of space to do a left turn on a ledge half that width.

Jack Dance did it with ease and confidence while Reece Gazzard took a heavy dab and Harvey Taglione rode it like a main road.



Class D small wheels. Tom Gibbons 6, Bobby Crabtree 8, Jacob Wilson 10, Mason Crawford 15, (All Oset) Class D medium wheels: Max Dance (JST Gas Gas) 23, Connor Watson 41, Ruari Younie 53, All rode Oset except Dance). Non Competitive: Chloe Mckay 58.

Class C medium wheels: Elliott Smith (Oset) 35, Stanley Cubbon 44, Joe Drysdale 58, Class C standard wheels. George Hemingway 2, Euan Simm 4, Jasper Fox 11, All Beta.


Class A: Jack Dance (JST Gas Gas) 19, Reece Gazzard (Scorpa) 31, Cameron Brice (Beta) 8, Class B: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 5, Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 12, Ashton Brightmore (Gas Gas) 16, End.

Bradford Motor Club's WBS Novice and Beginners Trial championship continues to flourish judging by the strong entry that dropped in on Lumb Waterfall, Cowling, last Wednesday.

* Thirty-five competitors rode a four lap eight section trial course set out by series sponsor Nathan Wrigglesworth.

The proximity to the Red Rose county probably accounted accounted for a few new names, but Skipton's Richard Pearson repelled any Lancashire 'immigrants by winning on just four dabs.

Class A youth Ethan Chapman won his class with a classy sixth place overall while assistant trials secretary Lucy Ayrton dropped her paperwork to ride her TRS to a Class B victory.

Steve Wickes topped the 50/50 route where nine riders posted reasonable scores.

Hard course

Novices: Richard Pearson (Beta) 4, Phil Hancock (Montesa) 9, Howard Dixon (Gas Gas) 9.

Youth Class A: Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 27, Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 45,Max Marston (Gas Gas) 94 Youth Class B: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 42, Mason Carter (Beta) 66.

50/50 course

Novices: Steve Wickes (Sherco) 27, Karl Smith (Montesa) 37, Niven Smith

(Beta) 44.

Youth Class C: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 34, Charlie Petty (Beta) 41.

Easy course.

Novices: Martin Conboy (Honda) 5, Richard Whittaker (Beta) 17, Alex Sykes

(Montfesa) 36.

Youth Class C: Jack Pullan 2O, Karl Hancock 26, Oliver Petty 33. (All Beta).

Over 60 competitors rode Horsforth and District Motor Club's sixth Simon Green Motors sponsored club championship on Sunday at Rough Holden, Silsden, where an eight-section five-lap course tested competitors in three different classes.

The Small Wheels class, overseen by Chris Fannon, fielded lower numbers than usual but the main entry was well supported.

Bradford's Chris Johnson was the sharp guy and rode every section without penalty beating chimney sweep Phillip Hammond and Otley's Richard Crabtree.


Hard course

Inter: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa)10.

Novices: Phil Blacka (Vertigo) 6, Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 7, Adam Thornton

(TRS) 12.

Youth Class A: Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 23, Kieran Skehan (Beta) 24.

Over 50: Kevin Alderson (TRS) 38.

Clubman A:

Novices: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 1, Richard Crabtree (Vertigo) 2, Jake Weatherill (Sherco) 12.

Over 50's: Chris Johnson (Sherco) 0, Simon Green (Beta) 6, Ian Brogden

(Beta) 90.

Youth Class A: Max Martson (Gas Gas) 25.

Youth Class B: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 28, Arran Sherwin (Beta) 41, Jack Bennett

(Beta) 55.

Youth Class C: William Sagar (Beta) 15.

Clubman B:

Novices: Ryan McMaster (Beta) 9, Andy Kenyon (Gas Gas) 17, Gareth Mitchell

(Beta) 23.

Over 50's: Steve Wicks (Sherco) 17, Steve Hirst (Ossa) 23, Richard Hall

(Beta0 23

Pre-65: David Brogden (BSA) 23.

Youth Class B: Bradley Crabtree (Beta) 87, Youth Class C: Harrison Lightfoot 12, Jonnie Fannon 13, Charlie Petty 33.

(All Beta)

Small Wheels.

Red route: Arthur Wright (Oset) 50.

Yellow route: Ruby Lawrie 15, Alanna Eagleton 18, George Wright 26. (All Oset).

White route: Will Clements-Nauman1, Aistiin Abdale 9, Edward Abram 11. (All Oset).