THE Bradford Motor Club opted to run their fourth closed to club championship trial on Saturday at Hubberholme where Yockenthwaite Farm formed the ideal backdrop for 41 competitors.

All age groups were on the entry list and with the sun beaming down the temperature was up. The course featured seven stream sections continuous almost to the skyline then a long ride across the top of the fell to sections eight and nine.

The nine competitors in the Beginners class did not ride those sections but all tackled the Pylon section which marked the end of a two-mile lap.

Glusburn builder Nathan Wrigglesworth won the hard route class from Bradford's Charlie Smith with Crossroads Montesa expert Phil Disney in third place.

Disney was a late starter due to the volume of traffic on the narrow Wharfedale roads.

Aysgarth teenager Andre Reynolds won the 50/50 class from Skipton's Richard Pearson, while his son Josh was the top rider on the Easy route.

On the Beginner's route young Class C competitor Jack Pullan ran away from veterans Steve Wickes and Mike Frizzell.

Results: Hard course: Experts: 1 Nathan Wrigglesworth (Sherco) 1, 2 Charlie Smith (Beta) 5, 3 Phil Disney (Montesa) 17. Inters: 1 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 17, 2 Sam Boocock (Sherco) 17, Novices: 1 Aaron Carter (TRS) 18, 2 David Petty (Beta) 23.

Youth Class A: 1 Josh Brown (Beta) 37, 2 Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 103. Youth Class B: Max Chadwick (Beta) 27, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 37.

50/50 course: Inters: Matthew Bolton (Beta) 140. Novices: 1 Richard Pearson (Beta) 26, 2 Michael Winstanley (Beta) 26, 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 33.

Youth Class A: Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 4. Youth Class B: Mason Carter (Beta) 45.

Beginners course: Novices: 1 Steve Wicks (Sherco) 12, 2 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 18, 3 Alex Sykes (Beta) 33.

Youth Class C: Jack Pullan (Beta) 7, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 28. Youth Class D: Joel Isherwood (Beta) 20.

Easy course: Novices: 1 John Maxfield (BSA) 7, 2 Rob Carr (Beta) 9, 3 Michael Hughes (Beta) 14.

Youth Class A: Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 26. Youth Class B: 1 Josh Pearson (Beta) 4, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 40. Youth Class C: Charlie Petty (Beta) 63.

Meanwhile, the heat was on at Hubberholme on Sunday when 68 competitors dropped on day two of the Bradford Motor Club's trialling weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.

The entry numbers were up 27 on the previous day for a day of trialling in Allan Jefferies country.

No doubt though that the revival of the legendary trial is on the cards.

In fact, club elders Steve Fairbrother and Dave Wilson played a major part in course marking along with Rob Close whose father Norman was a key player and landowner in the Park Rash regions.

Overnight a course revamp produced six sections up the west stream then a ride over to Raisgill Farm for the final four behind the farm.

In the results, Smith turned the tables on Wigglesworth but only by virtue of a tie-breaker with Disney in third place.

Sam Boocock grabbed the top Inter form Tom Rushton and Phil Hancock emerged as top novice after Aaron Carter seemed to have a bad day at the office dropping from sixth on Saturday to 12th on Sunday.

Paul Sadler dropped in from Leyburn to snatch the 50/50 class from Andy Howe and Chris Laws.

Hard to believe but Class D boy Joel Isherwood Popped over from Lancashire to win the Beginners class with Class C runner Simon Graeme pegging second place from veteran Mike Frizzell.

The highest class entry was the Easy category with 23 starters headed by Julian Rowntree.

Results: Hard course: Experts: 1 Charlie Smith (Beta) 3; 2 Nathan Wrigglesworth (Sherco) 3; 3 Phil Disney (Montesa) 6. Inters: 1 Sam Boocock (Sherco) 6, 2 Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 7, 3 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 9. Novices: 1 Phil Hancock (Montesa) 13, 2 Andrew Tales (Beta) 18, Phil Blacka (Vertigo) 18.

Youth Class A: 1 Josh Brown (Beta) 37, 2 Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 79. Youth Class B: 1 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 15, 2 Max Chadwick (Beta) 37, 50/50 course: Inter: 1 Sam Lambert (Beta) 18, 2 Matt Rushton (Gas Gas) 32.

Novices: 1 Paul Sadler (Gas Gas) 14, 2 Andy Howe (Montesa) 16, Chris Laws (Vertigo) 17. Youth Class A: Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 42.

Beginner's course: Novices: 1 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 10, 2 James Goodbehore (Beta) 11, 3 Glen Gosling (Beta) 18. Youth Class C: 1 Simon Graeme (Beta) 7, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 11, 3 Jack Pullan (Beta) 24. Youth Class D: Joel Isherwood (Beta) 6.

Easy course: Novices: 1 Julian Rowntree (Beta) 3, 2 Richard Hanson (Beta) 4, 3 Steve Wilde (Honda) 7. Youth Class B: 1 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 12, 2 Josh Pearson (Beta) 14. 3 Jamie Rowntree (Beta) 38.Youth Class C: 1 Jacob Reeday (Beta) 25, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 65.