THE continuance of motor cycle trials at Halton Gill was assured on Sunday when 81 competitors drove up Littondale to the remote Dales venue that has been the centre point for the national White Rose Trial for many years.

The quantity was great and the quality was stunning for this year's Stan Pitts Trophy Yorkshire Centre Championship trial, hosted by West Leeds Motor Club.

This year's winner Dougie Lampkin, of Silsden, was joined by Dan and Ben Hemingway, Danny Gamble, Sam Yeadon and top novice Will Tolson were amongst those competing.

The Ludgate brothers, Ben Hemingway and Yeadon dominated Clubman A category while chimney sweep Phillip Hammond swept away his friend and riding partner Rob Hardisty in Clubman B.

The Youth classes were dominated by Harry and George Hemingway. Harry competed on the hard course and finished in ninth place, just eight penalties behind his father Dan.

Katy Sunter chose the Stan Pitts trial rather than the Keedwell British Championship and that was a wise choice as the Healaugh lady was placed fourth and missed a rostrum finish by two penalties much to the relief of course architect Nigel Crowther, whose efforts were rewarded with third place.

The three lap, 14 section course explored the upper reaches of Bill Wilkinson’s land with a jungle of heather and metre high grass and deep hidden gullies to section one, where observer Jean Kershaw had a fine view of Littondale as the centuries old six foot stone wall had been felled by a giant tree branch.

West Leeds never miss a trick, so the remains of a stone wall formed a testing first section.

Only Lampkin, Yeadon, Gamble and Tom Middleton mastered it on all three laps. Clubman A and B missed the fearsome plunge down and up the fallen wall.

The second section claimed five maximums, including the winner Lampkin. It was only a ditch and the remains of a wall.

Other sections included a ride along the top boundary wall to a gully climb, from eight to 14 was a climb along the limestone bedded stream. The 13th had a waterfall and the surface was akin to ice.

The final section saw the experts climb the stream with a right turn to a steeper exit to the Clubman classes.


Hard course:

Experts: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 5, Ben Hemingway (Beta) 18, Danny Gamble (Sherco) 19,

Inters: Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 27, Louis Haley (Montesa) 42, Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 44.

Novices: William Tolson (Beta) 22, Tim Middleton (Beta) 25, John Lydamore (Montesa) 48.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 28, Alice Minta (Scorpa) 49.

Clubman course: Ben Ludgate (Beta) 7, Sam Ludgate (Montesa) 8, Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 14.

Youth Class B: George Hemingway (Beta) 6, Henry Stephenson (TRS) 14, Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 17.

Clubman B: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 6, Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 14, Andy Hutsby (Beta) 17.

Youth Class C: Josh Pearson 67, Freddie Stephenson 75.

Non-competitive: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 82.

Torrential rain descended on the Pennine village of Ickornshaw near Cowling last Tuesday evening as the Bradford Motor Club organisers plotted the trial course for the second event in the novice and beginners series of trials at Town End Farm.

Keeping a close eye on the ever-rising Ickornshaw Beck, the team split into three groups to get the work done for the trial on the following night.

Team Ayrton - Lucy, Anthony and grandad Brian - marked river sections while Glusburn's Nathan Wrigglesworth and Peter Hollingworth were upstream Richard and Josh Pearson explored the fifth section which started in the beck then climbed a steep bank navigating a large tree then plunged back the stream.

Forty-eight riders then headed for section eight to observe the hill climb, which is where the fun and games kept bedraggled spectators amused.

Despite the ‘high tide’, Phil Blacka, Phil Hancock and Robert Berry turned in clean sheet rides, and Master Pearson edged out Alfie Lampkin in Class B.

Skipton’s Glynn Tattersall got his pristine Montesa 4RT home, machine still clean, and also won the easy class.


Hard course:

Experts: 1 Phil Blacka (Vertigo) 0, 2 Phil Hancock (Montesa) 0.

Novices: 1 Robert Berry (Beta) 0, 2 George Emmott (Gas Gas) 3, 3 Pete Hollingworth (Beta) 9.

Youth Class A: 1 Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 10, 2 Max Marston (Gas Gas) 19, 3 Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 25

Youth Class B: 1 Josh Pearson (Beta) 7, 2 Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 12, 3 Mason Carter (Beta) 14.

Youth Class C: Jacob Reeday (Beta) 41.

50/50 course.

Novices: 1 Shay Smith 14, 2 Steve Wicks 16, 3 William Booth 27. (All Beta).

Youth Class C: 1 Charlie Petty 51, 2 Harrison Lightfoot 111. (All Beta).

Easy course.

Novices: 1 Glynn Tattersall (Montesa) 5, 2 Vernon Clarke (Scorpa) 11, 3 Richard Whitaker (Beta) 17.

Youth Class C: 1 Oliver Petty 7, 2 Karl Hancock 13, 3 Jack Pulman 21. (All Beta) 21.