THE forecasted rain held off over Upper Nidderdale on Sunday where 41 Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club members battled for club championship points in the fifth event on the series calendar at the splendid West House Farm venue between the villages of Lofthouse and Ramsgill.

Mark Yeadon and his team plotted a four lap ten section route for the adults and Class A, B and C contenders while Mike Hinch oversaw the small wheels action on the grassy slopes at the east end of the farmstead.

The main action ran in the two stream gullies above the farm. The rocks were greenish and some hefty marks showed up.

John Hinchcliffe and Wendy Yeadon took sections four and five in the east gully while Lizz Addy plus nine-year-old assistant observer Izzy Addy doubled up as scorer and photographer at section one.

Her mother was also event secretary, highlighting the perennial shortage of observers.

The legendary 'Coronary Climb' brought in sections half a mile up the steep moorland to the mid-route sections.

After a brief sortie on an elderly Beta, Danny Gamble surfaced resplendent in Sherco guise and headed on-form Embsay expert Aran Drachenberg and Ossett's Thomas Housecroft on Dougie Lampkin's Scottish Vertigo, which Housecroft handled with great style.


Championship course:


Inters: 1 Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 9, 2 Louis Haley (Montesa) 20.

Novices: 1 Tom Middleton (Beta) 11, 2 Charlie Smith (Beta) 21.

Clubman A: 1 Chris Beecroft (Montesa) 18, 2 Paul Gravestock (Scorpa) 20, 3 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 21.

Youth Class B: Henry Stephenson (TRS) 38, 2 Jason Croslland (Montesa) 60.

Clubman B:

Novices: 1 Ben Yeadon (Beta) 33, 2 Martin Dagbilen (Sherco) 66.

Over 40s: 1 Philip Hammond (Sherco) 12mc, 2 Paul Jackson (Honda) 18, 3 Tony Holmes (Beta) 27

Over 50s: 1 Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 15, 3 Mark Yeadon (Beta) 23.

Youth Class B: Elliott Cock (Beta) 123.

Youth Class C: Freddie Stephenson (Beta) 81.

Small Wheels.

Hard route: 1 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 16, 2 Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 32, 3 Bobby Crabtree (Oset) 47.

Middle route: 1 Aiden Richardson (Oset) 17, 2 Alanna Eagleton (Oset) 27, 3 William Bradley (Oset) 41.

Easy route: 1 Harry Whitehead 12, 2 Edward Abram (Oset) 35, 3 Spencer Leeming (Beta) 47.

Horsforth and District Motor Club moved the fourth Simon Green championship trial to Nidderdale on Sunday, where the Colt House Farm venue at Ramsgill was ideal for the 25 contestants.

The rain had dampened small parking area and hillside venue in good but high-scoring form.

Eight sections and four laps sufficed to establish class winners in Steven Fowler and series sponsor Simon Green while Nige Pearson planted his TRS machine at the top of the Clubman A names.

Barnoldswick's Anthony Ayrton, who won the Inter class, circulated on his TRS keeping an eye on daughter Lucy, who won Class B in the Clubman B class.

Horsforth run again at Dry Gill, near Stump Cross Caverns, on Sunday, June 23.


Hard route:

Inter: Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 33.

Novices: 1 Steven Fowler (Beta) 33, 2 Sam Cahill (TRS) 38, 3 David Petty (Beta) 57.

Youth Class A: 1 Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 63, 2 Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 75.

Clubman A:

Novices: 1 Lance Codner (Beta) 45, 2 Stuart McCrink (Sherco) 59, 3 Ivor Rhodes (Beta) 68.

Over 50s: 1 Nige Pearson (TRS) 23, 2 Paul Ingleby (TRS) 56.

Youth Class B: 1 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 70, 2 Bradley Crabtree (Beta) 118.

Youth Class C: Charlie Petty (Beta) 138.

Clubman B:

Novice: Gareth Mitchell (Beta) 52.

Over 50s: 1 Simon Green (Beta) 8, 2 Nick Hammerton (Honda) 14, 3 Richard Hall (Beta) 117.

Youth Class B: 1 Alfie Carney 53, 2 Oliver Petty 107. (All Beta)

Ripon Motor Club braved the weather forecasts on Saturday afternoon and headed for Bewerley and White Wood Farm to run their third Acklams Beta sponsored closed to club trial.

Despite light rain, a ten section course on Joe Stoney's fine acres was plotted ranging from the old quarry workings then the plunge down the meadow to four tree shrouded grassy sections that featured tight turns on grass and steep gradients.

The course then took the competitors to the east boundary wall for the final sections.

A dozen small wheelers tackled a compact five section course in amongst the rocks below the parc ferme.

In total, 103 competitors signed entry forms for Judith Blythe and Heather Langstaff.

Ayrton fired up one of his many Montesa 315 machines to win the hard course and be the best Over 40 by a mile.

The Acklams series continues on Saturday, June 22, at West Hill Edge, Galphay Moor.


Hard course:

Novices: 1 Matthew Nicholson 25, 2 Freddie Wills 28, 3 Oliver Richardson 29. (All Beta)

Over 40s: 1 Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 8, 2 Paul Astwood (Beta) 24, 3 Nick Royle (Montesa) 27.

Youths: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 13, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 15, 3 Josh Brown (Beta) 25.

Green course:

Novices: 1 Ian Brogden (Beta) 2, 2 Michael Benson (Beta) 25, 3 Isaac Jones (Sherco) 27.

Youths: 1 Josh Pearson (Beta) 30, 2 Will Storrow (Beta) 31, 3 Ted Storrow (Gas Gas) 33.

Over 50s: 1 Tony Calvert 0, 2 Chris Dale 7, 3 Nigel Simpson 8. (All Montesa)

Beginners: 1 B Sayer 16, 2 R Dixon 18, 3 G Frankland 32. (All Beta)

Youths: 1 Charlie Astwood 50, Bea Royle 72, 3 Oliver Wright 74. (All Beta)


Twin Shock: 1 Michael Platts (Honda) 2, 2 Jon Ellis (Yamaha) 16, 3 John Aldeson (Honda) 34.

Small Wheels.

Hard course: 1 Jamie Graeme 40, 2 Oliver Wass 57, 3 Ashley Watson 27. (All Beta)

Easy course 1 Sam Ethel (Beta) 12, 2 Elliott Tennant (Sherco) 16, 3 Will Ethel (Beta) 27.

Class E: J Thornton-Grace 44, 2 R Plumpton 53, 3 J Massey 70. (All Oset)