The little rain we had last week improved fishing on the River Aire with trout and grayling being caught mainly to small worm.

Hopefully the rain this week will refresh the rivers before the course fishing season re-opens on June 16.

Fishing may be disrupted at Wray Wood as work on the fish pass is now expected not to be completed until August. Coppice continues to fish well for roach and rudd.

The Aire Rivers Trust are having volunteer days today and tomorrow contact Nick Milson on 07378 878857 for details.


Weather-wise, a bit more mixed this week, with rain putting a lot of extra water into Dales rivers.

These are now coming down from peak flows, but the forecast for later today and the weekend is not promising for anglers.

If they materialise, Met Office predictions of heavy rain will spoil the rivers for trout anglers. Stillwater fishing will remain good, however, and coarse anglers will welcome better levels as the opening of the river coarse-fishing season approaches.

Carl White netted several reasonable carp from Shipton Lake, together with bream and tench to over 5lb. Lewis Stag lured a 24lb pike from the same fishery and Doug Horsman was also among the carp. Oakworth lower lake continues to fish well and Staveley has been frequented by mixed anglers who tell of good nets of mixed fish.

Trout anglers on the rivers appear pleased with their fishing. Martin Pugh had 10 fish in a little over four hours on the new Funkirk and Gargrave stretches of the Aire, while Peter Wormald reported lots of fly activity and fish on klinkhamers and soft-hackle flies at Broughton.

On the Wharfe, Sean Hinchliffe caught three fish from our Burley length on the Wharfe, on trotted worm.

A successful open day on the Aire saw more than 60 members and guests enjoy a great social atmosphere. The weather was much better than expected from the forecasts suggested. We are very grateful to Steve Cheetham and Chris Hosker for their time and demonstrations, which provided some quality information for those present. Our efforts raised £275 - gifted to the Wild Trout Trust - in support of national work to improve the environment for the benefit of all river fish and invertebrate species.

Many anglers went fishing after the open day events.

We have found a fly box on the riverbank, on the shingle between the two bridges by the A59 over the river at Broughton. It was filled with water and filthy, but everything is now clean and dry.

Finally, an early alert of our annual general meeting on Wednesday, September 25. If you want to make a proposal for voting on at the meeting, then please give Mike Briggs a call on 07759-815202 before 31 July to discuss. We are also looking for further committee members and help with the admin of the club – for example, maintaining the club website, moderating social media, and producing press releases, newsletters, maps and map books. ‘Job Descriptions’ and more info can be had from Jim Munden on 07940 814431.


Results of the R.Naylor Memorial officials match at Queen Mary's Ponds in Ripon on Sunday, June 2: 1 Simon Freer, six tench, pole and worm, 25lbs, 10oz; 2 Matt Foster, four tench, pole and corn, 18lbs, 2oz.

Freer got double delight on the day, clocking in with the biggest fish as well - one of his tench weighing in at 9lbs, 7oz.

This is the third tench over 9lbs to be caught at the lake in the past week, following previous catches of fish at 9lbs, 2oz and 9lbs, 15oz.

Junior member Louey Hill had a good few hours on the top pond at Shelf, catching plenty of fish, including a few small carp.

Elsewhere, the big carp are continuing to come out at Knotford.

The biggest this week weighed in at 37lbs 5oz.

Raskelf will be closed this Sunday for a veterans (over 60s) match, which will draw at 9:30am.

Tickets are available for this match from Simon on 01274 571175.


THE brighter blustery weather has created some ideal fishing conditions over the past week for Keighley Angling Club members.

Many fish have been spotted – especially bream which continue to shoal up in large numbers in shaded spots along the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

One Keighley member ran into a rich seam of fish resting alongside some moored barges close to Silsden.

He netted more than 12 bream up to 2lbs in a two-hour early morning spell using stick float and mixed maggot on a size 14 hook. All fish were reported to be in superb condition and were safely returned to the water.

The close season will end in a couple of weeks and while many anglers cannot wait to get back to having their lines baited with maggot, the respite has provided much sport with worm, bread and lure alternatives.

Even though strengthening winds and emerging summer foliage caused difficulty with casting, fly anglers also had the chance to get among the fish.

Several brown trout up to half a pound were tempted by a variety of nymphs pulled slowly through slow-running waters.

Keighley club officials plan to look at the water at Robert Pond in Utley.

Many fish have been spotted in the water including carp, but floating vegetation has made fishing challenging.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help improve the water should get in touch with club secretary Dennis Freeman on 07980 338225.


The first of the season's evening matches was won by E Harrison with a catch of bream weighing 8lb 15oz. Other results: 2 JH Harrison 6lb 9oz; 3 D Jackson 1lb 11oz.

The canal open at Rodley was won by J Mason with 20lb of tench. Best fish weighed 5lb 10oz; 2 R Movley two tench for 6lb 13oz; 3 B Mason and fourth E Harrison with catches of small fish.

Last Sunday's canal open was fished at Armley where only small fish responded. Results: 1 B Mason 11lb 10oz; 2 R Thorne 1lb 7oz; 3 B Paton 1lb; 4 R Movley 15oz.

This Sunday's match will be on the Kirkstall Marina. Length draw at 10am. Patrick Hewitt-Atkinson has been appointed as a watcher on the canal.

Results from the first of the season's evening matches: 1 E Harrison, bream, 8lbs, 15oz; 2 J Harrison, 6lbs, 8oz; 3 D Jackson, 1lb, 11oz.

The open match held at Rodley was fished in unpleasant blustery showers.

Results: 1 J Mason, six tench, 20lbs; 2 R Movley, two tench, 6lbs, 8oz.

Mason's best fish from his haul weighed in at over a quarter of the overall catch (5lbs, 10oz).

An open match will be held on the canal road length at Armley on Sunday, June 9, drawing at 10am.

Patrick Hewitt-Atkinson has been appointed as a watcher for the canal.


Work continues on stretches of riverbank in preparation for the start of the coarse season.

At Knotford where a boat moaring platform has been constructed for the new boat with a weed cutting system.

This venue continues to produce good catches of tench with individual fish over 7lb.

Several good catches of carp have been made with three different fish over 30lb. This fishery is locked and to gain access is either by using a key, or by the combination lock. To obtain this number, phone the genral office at a time, or day, as printed in the membership book.

When visiting club preserves, a membership book must be carried.

Result of match at Kippax Park on May 25: 1 A Middleton 65lb 9oz; 2 T Evans 64lb 11oz. The match held on Tuesday was won by N Rymer with 59lb; 2 A Barker 57lb 4oz.

The match at Moor Monkton pools on May 26 was won by M Gallagher 96lb; 2 G Boardley 79lb 4oz.

The match on Bank Holiday Monday was won by M Gallagher 118lb 14oz; 2 M Dodsworth 108lb 12oz.

Wednesday's match was won by A Corvic 108lb 11oz; 2 A Warren 91lb 7oz.

Results of Kippax Park on Tuesday, May 21: 1 D Wright, 77lbs, 12oz; 2 B Rymer, 51lbs, 4oz; 3 A Gallant, 44lbs, 11oz.

Results of Moor Monkton Pools on Wednesday, May 22: 1 L Willshaw, 126lbs, 2oz; 2 A Covick, 124lbs, 12oz; 3 M Gallagher, 74lbs, 9oz.

Knotford has produced some good catches recently.

Tench specialist, M Smith, caught seven with each coming in at just over 7lbs each.

Also, three different carp weighing slightly over 30lbs have been caught.

Members are reminded that where dip tanks are installed, all nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings must be dipped.

Also, membership books must be carried at all times when visiting club preserves.


Our next match is on Sunday at Woodhouse Grange. Meet at venue 8am, fishing 9am-3pm. Meat baits are not allowed on this venue.


Whinnygill Reservoir at Skipton is fishing well at the moment thanks to the higher temperatures and most of the species in the water are now being caught, including the first tench of the year.

After a virtually perch free spell until recently, they are now feeding ravenously and feature in every catch although they are not very big.

Roach, ide and bream are also feeding well and some decent size fish are being brought to the net.

There have been no reports of trout and with no stocking for years, the only fish in the reservoir may be the 3.47kg record-holder.

Embsay Reservoir has also responded to the warm weather with both fly and bait fishermen doing equally well.

Most of the fish landed have been good rainbows up to around 1kg, but a few tigers and brownies have also turned up.

Perch are also becoming very numerous, though most are quite small.

Sport has been quite good on the River Aire, despite it seemingly missing out on some meaningful extra water.

Fly fisherman have been catching plenty of brown trout rising, including the occasional fish approaching the 1.5kg mark.

Skipton members will be able to enjoy the first match of the season this Sunday, June 9 when Whinnygill will be the venue for the first of four matches for the Peter Hart Memorial Trophy.

The draw will be at 8am with fishing from 9am.