Only five anglers fished Sunday's match at Sunnydale and once again the fishing was poor.

Tony Greenwood landed a 3lb 4oz bream in the last 10 minutes to win the match.

Coppice pond is beginning to wake up with Tench and Rudd providing the best sport.


Another bright week, with some warmer temperatures starting to see fish coming to anglers on our stillwaters.

All the rivers are at low summer levels, however, with conditions proving challenging for anglers.

The Met Office predicts possible rain in the Dales this weekend and early next week, which will be welcome if it materialises.

Reports from anglers this week tell of some good fish caught at our Oakworth and Shipton Lake stillwaters.

At Shipton, Lewis Stag - on a weekend overnighter - reported several mirror and common carp to 19lb, while James Lynch captured a 24lb common carp on the same fishery.

At Oakworth, bigger fish are now showing – they look immaculate, are lively and are gaining weight at an astonishing rate.

It’s a pleasure to see both juniors and new members doing well. George Taylor had four good hours, fishing pellet up close to the island, with six carp to 11.5lb and other fish coming to the net.

Callum, aged 13, had two good fish as well, and nine-year old Roman, captured a few nice carp too.

On the rivers, the first mayflies are appearing, earlier this year than for some time. Anglers report fish taking them enthusiastically on the Aire, with some good specimens coming to the net for anglers.

Our Skirbeck stretch on the Ribble has also been busy, with fish taking gnats and hawthorns and most anglers reporting good results.

We have completed infilling of soil under the new Niffany Farm fencing this week, though we still need to plug a few holes to stop lambs escaping onto the river bank.

Once completed, we’ll hopefully see rapid rehabilitation of the riparian strip, aided by the planting of a few trees once conditions are suitable.

One work party this week cleared grass and flood debris on our Gargrave stretch of the Aire.

A second work party collected seven bags of plastic rubbish at Skirbeck, and replaced the catch returns book.

As always, some reminders for members. Please don't forget our open day on June 2 – £5 donation for entry, for Wild Trout Trust funds - demos by well-known anglers, riverfly and BCAA info, chance to walk and fish the river, and sausage in a bun included.

Please complete catch books on the Gargrave beat of the Aire, while steering clear of and reporting any giant hogweed. And if you have comments to our consultation about dropping our Askwith fishery, please let us know.

All enquiries to Jim Munden on 07940 814431.


The members who fished Clare Island in Ireland last week had a great time.

With plenty of fish being caught; pollock, cod, gurnard, bull huss, mackerel, wrass and rays. Biggest fish of the trip was a bull huss.

Some more of our members are fishing in the North of Scotland at the moment.

Day one: With little or no wind. They had good long drifts. Lots of fish caught by everyone, with the biggest a cod of 5lb. They had action all day.

Day two: Same as day one really. No wind, nice slow drifts, picking lots of fish up all the time. A lot of haddock.

Our next general meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18, in the New Inn at 8pm. New members will be made most welcome.


Fishing proved hard for many on Sunday's members match at Raskelf, with James Michael coming out on top with 24 F1 carp for 30lbs 4oz.

Just six ounce separated second and third place, Simon Foster catching 21lbs 3oz and John Walsh 20lbs 13oz.

The next match at Raskelf will be the veterans match on June 9.

Paul Jackson won the carp match at Knotford over the weekend with a 23lbs 15oz mirror carp, followed by Tommy Lowrie with 18lbs 2oz.

The next carp match will be on August 17.

There are good nets of roach and bream being caught from Chellow Dene on waggler and maggot.

Day tickets for non-members to fish this lake cost £5 and are available from


Our next match is at Forest Lane on Sunday, May 26. Meet at venue 8am, fishing 9am to 3pm.


Work continues on society stillwaters to bring them up to scratch.

Work is planned in the near future to stretches of river prior to the start of the new season, which opens up on June 16.

The result of the match at Kippax Park on Saturday, May 11: 1 A Broomhead 89lb 10oz; 2 L Willshaw 58lb 9oz; 3 G Watson 53lb.

The match on Tuesday, May 14: 1 S Holmes 104lb 10oz; 2 D Wright 101lb 10oz.

The match on Saturday last was won by D Pollitt 67lb 1oz; 2 A Rymer 57lb 10oz; 3 T Hewson 42lb 4oz.

The Moor Monkton Pools match on May 12 was won by T Bainbridge 95lb 9oz. Other results: 2 B Fisk 93lb 15oz; 3 K Priestley 58lb 20oz.

The match on Wednesday, May 15 was won by A Covick 125lb 10oz, 2 G Watson 114lb 8oz; 3 M Gallagher 87lb.

The match on Sunday last was won by T Bainbridge 128lb 14oz; 2 D Wright 127lb 3oz; 3 B Fisk 100lb 9oz.

A warning to all members, when fishing it is against the law to leave baited lines in the water when leaving the swim in question.


The result of the match at Rodley on Sunday was won by R Movley with two tench for 7lb 3oz, from peg one. Second, with one tench from peg two, was J Storey. Third was J Mason 1lb 15oz. All competitors weighed in.

The match this Sunday is an open also at Rodley, draw at 10am, at the swing bridge by the nature reserve. Fishing will be on the other side of the bridge.


Two local waters have certainly benefitted from the higher temperatures of late judging from recent reports – Whinnygill Reservoir at Skipton and the local reaches of the River Aire.

At Whinnygill some good catches of roach, bream, ide and perch have been caught from around the reservoir and even a biggish tommy ruffe has been brought up from the deeps by a bottom fishing angler. Carp and tench have remained elusive but should soon be beginning to show.

The Skipton Angling Association has benefitted from the former Skipton Mayor Martin Emerson’s Community Fund to the tune of £200.

The money will be used to continue the restocking policy at Whinnygill to provide some good mixed coarse fishing for local people.

On the River Aire the only downside at the moment is a lack of water with the river now very near to summer level.

Fly fisherman have been enjoying some decent sport between Skipton and Gargrave with one or two quite big brown trout coming to the net.

Speaking of which, a Skipton member has lost a small black folding mesh landing net whilst fishing the river and if anyone has found it could they let any official know so that it may be returned to the owner.

Embsay Reservoir has also shown an improvement in recent days with brown and rainbow and perch falling to both the fly and the worm.

The odd brownie has weighed around the 900g mark and a perch has also been caught estimated to be above this weight.

Even the smaller perch which can be an annoyance at times seem to be bigger this year.

The match fishing season is just around the corner and the Skipton AA’s extensive programme of matches will kick off on the evening of June 4 when the first of the Sunset Series will be fished on Whinnygill Reservoir with the draw at 6pm.

On the following Sunday, June 9, the first match in the Peter Hart Memorial Series will also be fished on Whinnygill.

Prospects remain good for all waters although the lack of water in the Aire so early in the year may be a cause for concern.