Thanks to all who attended Sunday's work party but plenty more still to do.

This Sunday's match is at Sunnydale, draw 9am on the bank. To book on, call Adi on 07783 332705.

Trout and grayling are still providing good sport in Myrtle Park to both dry fly and worm.


Only a few reports from anglers this week - mainly fly-fishers.

The rivers have seen large falls of black gnats, a few large dark olives, hawthorn flies and the appearance of a few early mayfly nymphs.

Fly secretary Phil Bailey used fuzzy nymphs to produce both out-of-season grayling and trout of over 45cm to the net.

Paul Wildman and Mark Abbott were equally successful at Funkirk on the Aire, just after the rain, with brownies coming to Griffiths Gnats and Hawthorn flies to imitate the natural flies being hoovered up by the trout.

The River Wharfe at Kettlewell also responded well to new water, with fish responding enthusiastically as the elevated water levels dropped away.

The only news from a club stillwater, from Nigel Reilly fishing on Shipton Lake, reported few signs of fish movement on a lovely morning, though plenty of robins to eat his bait and a vole picking up dropped hemp.

Work parties have been out again this week. We walked our cod beck, topcliffe and salmon hall fisheries to put up new signs for parking, accesses and limits, to clarify where night fishing is allowed, and to identify where stile repair work is required.

Please will members note that Mr Shepherd, the riparian owner, has asked us not to access cod beck fishing via Eldmire Lane, due to lack of parking.

Access is now only from Dalton Bridge or Winn Lane. The fishery map has been updated in the map book and on the fishery page at

We have also just finished fencing and four stiles on our new Aire beat at Niffany Farm.

Infilling of soil is still required in a couple of places over the next few days to prevent lambs escaping.

Please will members avoid walking along the bank bluff, to give it all the help possible to stabilise.

Once livestock has been fully excluded, we hope to see rapid rehabilitation of the riparian strip, aided by the planting of a few trees once conditions are suitable.

A third work party this week will also clear grasses and flood debris from the bases of trees and fences.

A few items and reminders for members. First is for our Open Day on June 2, on the River Aire just upstream of Inghey Bridge, where the A59 crosses the river.

All anglers are welcome to come along – there will be demos from well-known anglers, a casting clinic, a Riverfly tent, a showcase of the fishing BCAA offers, chance to walk and fish the river, barbecue and drinks at no extra cost. Donations of £5 for entry, all proceeds to the Wild Trout Trust.

Please will anglers complete the catch returns books in the boxes at each end of the Gargrave to Broughton beat.

A new returns book will also go into the box at Skirbeck on the Ribble this weekend.

Please continue to avoid giant hogweed if you see any plants emerging, and note that spraying contractors are out and about too.

If you do see any plants, then please report them to Jim Munden on 07940 814431, and he will pass the info on to the spraying team.

We are considering giving up our Askwith fishery on the Wharfe at the end of 2019, since it appears to be very little used.

If any member feels strongly on the matter, however, then please do make your interest known to one of the club officials named in the front of your yearbook.


Knotford will close from Friday evening until Sunday night for the first of this year's carp matches.

Contact Stephen Kelly to book a place.

The second member's match of the year will take place at Raskelf on Sunday.

Drawing at the lake will begin at 9am.

Members are reminded that Raskelf Lake will be closed between June 17 and June 21.

This is for the completion of the fencing and entry gate.


The result from the match at Redwood Lakes on Sunday, May 12: 1 C Davey, 47lb; 2 P Main, 33lb; 3 GS Cooper, 29lb10oz; 4 M Davey, 25lb12oz.

The next match is at Forest Lane on Sunday, May 26.

Attendees are asked to meet at venue for 8am, with fishing taking place between 9am and 3pm.


Work at Knotford Lagoon has commenced, to clear the weed. This will be a lengthy process.

The gate has been left open at this venue, which makes te extensive measures put in place useless, this must be done again.

The match at Kippax Park on Saturday was won by A Rymer 59lb 10oz. Other results: 2 J Redmond 43lb 12oz; 3 S Pearson 38lb 8oz.

The Tuesday match was won by L Willshaw 77lb 11oz. Other results: 2 A Gallant 75lb 10oz; 3 J Wake 48lb 5oz.

The Bank Holiday match at Moor Monkton pools was won by B Fisk 119lb 1oz. Other results: 2 S Power 78lb 11oz; 3 C Compton 65lb 8oz.

The Sunday match was won by T Bainbridge 119lb. Other results: L Myers 87lb 10oz; 3 L Smith 74lb 6oz.

The match on Wednesday was won by S Thackwray 82lb 2oz' Other results: 2 G Watson 77lb 15oz; 3 G Wright 73lb 20z.

On Saturday, May 11, friends and relatives gathered to scatter the ashes of Dave Scott and to unveil officially the memorial bench at Moor Monkton pools.


The draw for Sunday's open match at Rodley is at the swing bridge by te nature reserve at 10am.

Sport has picked up on various lengths of the canal over the last week or so. All reports of catches are welcome.

The River Aire has not been heavily fished, but those who have fished have had catches of brown trout.


Fly Fishing Yorkshire held their first meeting last Sunday on Embsay Reservoir where conditions were quite good, but the fishing could have been better.

Hatches of hawthorn fly came and went throughout the day with the trout responding accordingly.

Catches consisted of rainbow trout, apart from a solitary brownie.

Match-winner Steve Williams landed three fish, while organiser Michael Ickringill had two fish, as did Joe Renolds. Chris Pearson ended up with one catch.

Other anglers were fishless, although quite a few trout managed to slip the hook.

On the River Aire, there has also been some good hatches of hawthorn fly to give the trout something of a feeding bonanza.

Other flies have also been hatching and anglers have been having trouble matching their flies to the ones in the hatches.

A few decent sized brownies have been landed and, for once, grayling have been taking a rest from rising with only a single fish reported.

The water level is now quite low, but the riverbed is still clean and anglers are getting some good fish on the upper Heslaker Lane stretch by fishing the worm.

A good number of anglers have been in action all along the river in the Skipton District.

Whinnygill Reservoir saw a slight drop-off in sport last week due to the colder weather but some decent fish were still coming to the net.

Roach, ide and bream continued to be caught and there have been reports of perch beginning to be caught in significant numbers.

On the canal, it seems that bream are massing for spawning and if you are lucky enough to be able to drop on a shoal, then some excellent sport can be the outcome.

Last week saw the capture of a fish reported to be near to the 2.3kg mark.