After some good nets of fish to pleasure anglers, the canal fished badly on Sunday's match.

Results: 1 I Needs 1lb12oz; 2 J Parker 1lb1oz; 3 I Ward 12oz.

The Aire Rivers Trust are having a clean up at Ryloaf Meadow Dowley Gap today and next Friday. Contact Nick Milsom on 07378 878857 for further information.


Despite the downpours last week, and the drop in water temperatures as a result, it's been a great weekend for our members, in particular at Knotford where a new lake record was set.

Having been putting on weight at a good rate, it seemed only a matter of time before one of the big common carp broke the lake record for Knotford. This came on Saturday as Wes Lowrie landed a 37lbs 4oz fish.

There had been regular catches of nets of fish in excess of 20lbs coming from the Aire and Calder Canal at Rawcliffe Bridge over the last few weeks, but as usual the fish disappeared on match day.

Backhouse Cup was won by Ian Bradley with 12lbs 14oz of skimmers and hybrids, ahead of second-placed Fred Prudham, who caught 8lbs 3oz.

Places on the carp match at Knotford on May 18 and 19 are available to book through the club's Facebook page.


Our next match is at Redwood Lakes on Sunday, May 12, meet at venue at 8am, fishing 9am to 3pm, keepnets are provided.


The result of the match at Kippax Park on Tuesday, April 23: 1 B Rymer 113lb 3oz; 2 R Thomas 86lb 6oz, 3 P Cromie 84lb 1oz. The winner of the Saturday match: 1 L Wilshaw 93lb 13oz, 2 A Middleton 70lb 11oz, 3 E Storey 68lb 6oz. The result of the Bank Holiday match at Moor Monkton Peels: 1 D Appleby 115lb 12oz, 2 L Myers 114lb 7oz, 3 M Dodsworth 96lb 5oz. The winner of Wednesday, April 24 match: 1 D Wright 122lb 4oz, 2 G Watson 93lb 12oz, 3 A Hornsby 69lb 10oz. The match held on Sunday was won by G Watson 93lb 3oz, 2 K Priestley 86lb, 3 T Bainbridge 53lb 1oz.

Some anglers have been caught fishing with three rods at Knotford. We wish to point out that on any of our waters, the limit is two rods irrespective of the type of environment agency license held. The membership office will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday.


The heavy cold rain prior to the match at Rodley put the number of fish down. The winner was B Lowthian 3lb 15oz, including a tench. 2 R Movley 2lb, 3 B Mason 1lb 12oz, 4 E Harrison 1lb 10oz. Section winners were Movley and Harrison. The match scheduled for this Sunday has been cancelled due to road closures in connection with the Tour de Yorkshire. The next open match will be on May 19.


THIS week it was the turn of the River Aire to produce a specimen brown trout with the capture of a 2.1kg, 56cm-long fish from just below Inghey Bridge on float-fished worm.

The trout was in excellent condition for so early in the new season and put up quite a fight on light tackle before coming to the net.

Besides the big trout, the captor went on to catch two more large fish on the lobworm.

These turned out to be a couple of pike weighing about 4.5kg each and were hooked in quick succession from under the near banking, while the river was carrying some extra water.

On this occasion both pike managed to bite through the line as they were being brought in to be ready for landing.

Another large fish believed to be a chub, was also seen moving upstream in shallow water and creating a big bow wave.

Generally speaking, the trout fishing on the Aire has not been very good so far this season and most of the fish caught have been less than 450g in weight.

No method of angling has offered any advantage and the long dry spell and several cold nights since the season opened are probably to blame.

A spell of mild, settled weather with maybe some extra water should bring about an improvement.

The Skipton Summer League competitors were probably hoping for some good sport when they fished the first of this year’s matches on the Stickups length of the canal at Barnoldswick last Sunday.

Unfortunately, the temperature fell to near freezing during Saturday night and while the weather was reasonable on Sunday, catches were poor.

Robert Thornton won the match with 270g and John Heaton was second with 180g.

Jason Aldis was third with 150g and Andrew Thomas fourth with 80g. Three other competitors had 10g each and two more were fishless.

The next match will be fished on the canal at Keighley Road, Skipton, on Sunday, May 12 and will be the last match where new competitors may register.