A BRADFORD teenager grabbed another early victory in his latest fight.

Zohaib Khan, 14, of Lights Out Academy, stopped his opponent, Sonny Price, of Camp Detox, in then first minute of the opening round of their bout, held at Leeds Harehills Working Men's Club.

This was Zohaib’s second bout and in his debut fight he also stopped his opponent in the first minute of the opening round.

Zohaib's coach, Inzar Ahmed, said: "Every once in awhile a special kid comes through the doors. As soon as you work with him you know he’s going to be special and this was the case with Zohaib Khan.

"He is a star pupil and his work ethic is insane.

"I knew something like this was going to happen, because he never slows down for anyone.

"He’s always first at everything and I’m proud to have a hard-working kid like Zohaib representing the club."