AS she continues to try to shatter one glass ceiling, Rebecca Kenna hopes to carry on taking the snooker world by storm.

The 30-year-old from Keighley, who is ranked third in the World Women's Snooker rankings, has been battling rules against women taking part in the Crosshills & District Snooker League.

She was prevented from playing in two fixtures due to some clubs in Keighley operating a "men-only" policy.

Outraged by this ruling, Kenna has hit the headlines across the globe as she looks to overturn this decision.

The league will discuss the issue at its annual general meeting in August and Kenna hopes she will be allowed to rejoin her league and compete in her hometown again. The league has previously said there's nothing they can do to overturn the decisions.

David Greene, chairman of Cross Hills & District Snooker League, said last month: "Our league rules are voted on every year by the delegates of the league which is one delegate per club.

"There is nothing in our league rules that stop women from playing in the league and there never has been.

"Unfortunately individual club rules which aren't determined by the snooker league can't be changed no matter how hard we have tried over the years."

In the meantime, Kenna is training on her own table at her Cue Sports Yorkshire shop in South Street, Keighley, where she also coaches youngsters.

Kenna competed in the Festival of Women's Snooker, held at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, last weekend.

At the event, Kenna suffered a 3-1 defeat to Thailand's Nutcharut Wongharuthai in the semi-final of the World Women's 6-Red Championship - Knockout tournament.

Kenna also lost 3-1 to Thailand's Waratthanun Sukritthanes in the quarter-finals of the World Women's 10-Red Championship - Knockout. Both tournaments were won by England's Reanne Evans.

Kenna also played with Shannon Metcalf in the World Women's Pairs Championship on Monday. They lost in the semi-finals to Thai youngsters Ploychompoo Laokiatphong and Baipat Siripaporn.

She hopes to play in the World Women’s Snooker Championship, from June 20-23, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kenna said: "The league did decide to take it up at their next meeting. Nothing can change until the league holds its AGM in August.

"This has brought up a lot of issues. Others have said this was what happened in the 80s and 90s but not any more. It needed to be addressed in Keighley. It is not reasonable to have this debate in this day and age. I do want to grow the sport in the area.

"It got so much media attention, I was on Good Morning Britain and The One Show. It has gone worldwide.

"I joined the league in 2013 and left, but I would go back. In the meantime I am in World Women's Snooker and have to train on my own.

"Women's snooker is growing, you can see that with the tour. You are seeing the quality of the players rise. We saw the first 147 break by a woman recently. It is still male dominated at league level.

"We have had events in Belgium and Australia this year. We are getting around the world to raise the profile. There are fantastic players around the world.

"I want to see young girls picking up a cue. I am a coach as well and want to bring girls through.

"I still love the game and I'm trying to win a ranking event. It's going well for me. My game is starting to improve."