THE FINAL week of the Bradford League season will decide the runners-up spots in both Divisions Two and Three. Embassy Yeadon C are champions of Division Two and the D team were looking to claim second place but lost ground to Hermits C, who are now in the driving seat.

Hermits C enjoyed a 9-1 victory over Pudsey B with Louis Bigallet and Paul Mckrieth winning three each and Tony McGowan added a brace.

Embassy Yeadon D paid the price for only having two players at next to bottom Hermits E. They managed a 6-4 success with Chris Sanderson unbeaten and Peter Clarkson winning two but they now trail Hermits by three points with one match left.

In Division Three Pudsey C moved into second place after their 10-0 win over Baildon C. Rastrick are now third after losing 7-3 to champions Hermits F. Pudsey now have a healthy seven-point lead going into the final week.

Results - Division One: Hermits A 0 Embassy Yeadon A 10, Heckmondwike 9 Unity B 1.

Division Two: Pudsey B 7 Hermits D 3, Baildon A 3 Embassy Yeadon C 7, Hermits B 1 Highdale B 9, Hermits C 9 Pudsey B 1, Hermits D 0 Fastbats 10, Hermits E 4 Embassy Yeadon D 6.

Division Three: Baildon B 7 Hermits G 3, Pudsey C 10 Baildon C 0, Rastrick 3 Hermits F 7.

Division Four: Thornbury B 4 Baildon E 6.