Listerhills A.A.

The trout season started on a quiet note.

On the River Aire the best reported catch weighed one and a half pounds, falling to J.Johnson.

Also included was an out of season grayling.

The fishing on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal requires a more sustained spell of warm weather to produce consistent catches.

The first match of the open series is at Rodley on April 28.

Skipton A.A.

The club's Embsay Reservoir appears to have enjoyed a good start to the new trout season judging from early reports of the fishing.

Apart from some rather cool nights, the day time weather conditions have been good and at times quite mild with light winds contributing to some successful fishing by all who have wet a line.

Sport has been mainly with rainbows and tiger trout, while brown trout have hardly featured in catches and blue trout may no longer be present in the water.

A recent catch by a father and son duo consisted of 12 rainbows and two tiger trout, all caught on the fly or with ultra light lures in the deeper areas, such as under the moor side.

The rainbows are probably averaging about 1kg in weight with the tigers slightly bigger.

One angler has landed a tiger measuring some 53.3cm in length and probably weighing around the 1.8kg mark which would have easily set a new record for this species in these waters.

Bait anglers have also been amongst the rainbows with a catch of seven fish being the best so far.

On the River Aire, the number of anglers wetting a line has been rather disappointing, especially as the river looks to be in excellent condition.

Those that have been in action on the upper reaches, fishing the worm, have landed a few decent sized fish up to the 1kg mark.

Fly fishermen, in locations stretching from Inghey Bridge to Gargrave, have also caught fish, but at the moment they tend to be on the small side.

Future prospects may have suffered a set-back with the forecast of a return to much colder conditions.

With snow even on the hill tops, followed by a mixture of heavy April showers of rain and hail, this may result in higher water levels on the river.

Leeds & District A.S.A.

Not many rods have been out since the trout season started.

The finance AGM held last week showed a nice return despite the high amount spent on fishing improvements and restocking.

Kippax Park Results:

Tuesday, March 26:

1. J. Brogden, 101lb, 8oz; 2. S.Pearson, 79lb, 11oz; 3. T.Hewson, 74lb, 4oz.

Saturday, March 30:

1. T.Hewson, 75lb, 10oz; 2. S.Jeffreys, 63lb, 5oz; 3. A.Broomhead, 62lb, 6oz.

Moor Monkton Pools Results:

Wednesday, March 27:

1. B.Fisk, 71lb, 14oz; 2. D.Wright, 71lb; 3. G.Rhodes, 69lb, 13oz.

Sunday, March 31:

1. M.Wharton, 54lb, 7oz; 2. M.Dodsworth, 47lb, 4oz; 3. O.Hewitt, 46lb, 9oz.