Bradford trials rider Charlie Smith excelled in bad conditions at Elton, Matlock, on Sunday, taking second place in the expert class in the national Youth Motorcycle Sport Association Championship trial.

Over 70 competitors battled with deep streams, muddy conditions and an Arctic breeze.

Competitors of all ages from all parts of the British Isle and the Isle of Man rode a four lap ten section woodland trials course.

The forecasted rain duly arrived on Saturday afternoon but failed to put a damper on West Leeds Motor Club's first novice and beginner's trial at Post Hill near Pudsey.

The ground was muddy before the 39 competitors departed on the first of four laps and ten sections.

By the time the riders had traversed course, the hillside venue was somewhat muddier but the scores reflected good section marking.

The main course winner, Paul Kettlewell, rode his Sherco to the only single figure score with one stop, in section four on lap one.

That section and fifth and tenth were on the hard side in respect of penalties.

Keighley teenager Aaron Carter put the pressure on the class winner but a stop in section eight ended his hopes of an outright victory.

Skipton's Richard Pearson finished first in the over 40's class, pipping David Lamin by two marks.

Anthony Ayrton of Barnoldswick also rode in the trial, as did Barlick's Lucy Ayrton, who finished second in youth class B.

Riding an Ariel machine, pre-65 winner Mick Clark won the 50/50 class. It had been three decades since he competed at Post Hill.


Main course:

Novices: 1 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 8, 2 Aaron Carter (Beta) 12, 3 Aaron Crowder (Beta) 16.

Over 40's: 1 Richard Pearson (Beta) 24, 2 Dave Lamin (Vertigo) 26, 3 Mark Chippendale (TRS) 37.

Non-competitive: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 20.

Youth Class A: Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 29.

Youth Class B: 1 Mason Carter (Beta) 84, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 99.

50/50 course:

Novices: Andy Cobb (Beta) 48.

Over 40's: Matthew Morrell (Gas Gas) 63.

Over 50's: 1 Andrew Clough (Gas Gas) 64, 2 Mark Grant (Sherco) 101.

Pre-65: Mick Clark (Ariel) 21.

Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Beta) 45.