DOUGIE Lampkin braved the dense fog hanging over Addingham Moorside to compete in the opening Yeadon-Guiseley club's opening closed to club championship trial, to win the championship route class, riding 40 sections without penalty.

A typical Master Class show from the multi-world champion. Conditions at 8.30am when Louis Haley vanished into the murk to check the course marking the visibility was less than 50 yards but by noon the sun was beaming down on a total of 84 competitors.

Clerk of Course Danny Cockshott and deputy Louis Haley plotted a shorter course than usual with opening sections on the northern extremes and a return loop climbing the rock escarpment with the final two sections appropriately adjacent to the Two Jays catering unit.

On the championship route Dougie had East Morton landlord Martin Crosswaite and S3 Parts national champion Richard Sadler matching every Lampkin move.

Sadler dropped a mark in section seven on lap two so that put Crosswaite and Lampkin at the top of the awards and maybe a tie for the top spot until Martin incurred a penalty, ironically in the final section and on the last lap.

The Clubman A category provided a sensational result for Silsden trialler Gabby Whitham, 18, who won the class from Adam Thornton by a tie-breaker. It was the South Craven School student's first-ever Clubman A class victory.

Trail blazers Phillip Hammond and Rob Hardisty arrived first from Harrogate and departed first after riding four rapid laps, two of which were in dense fog.

Hammond got the victory on a clean sheet ride while Hardisty scattered just four penalties to head Karl Greaves. The Small Wheels division really was a revelations. All sizes and shapes but the usual characters at the sharp end.

Harrison Lightfoot topped the hard route by a mile. Bradley Crabtree won the middle route and Koby Smith posted the lowest score to take the easy class.

Results: Championship course. Experts: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 0, Martin Crosswaite (Montesa) 1, Richard Sadler (Gas Gas) 1. Inters: Louis Haley (Montesa) 23, Tom Rushton (Montesa) 39, Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 48.

Novices: Tom Middleton (Beta) 32, Robert Weatherill (Beta) 38, Craig Potter (Beta) 46.

Youth Class A: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 37, Harry Hemingway (Beta) 40, Guy Stones (Beta) 61.

Clubman A: Gabby Whitham (Beta) 19, Adam Thornton (TRS) 19, Mathew Abbey (Vertigo) 20.

Youth Class A: Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 25, Keiran Skehan (TRS) 65 Youth Class B: George Hemingway (Beta) 25, Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 28, Jasper Fox (Beta) 50.

Clubman B: Novices: Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 12, Ben Yeadon (Beta) 22, Simon Herber (Gas Gas) 44.

Over 40s: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 0, Richard Hildrick (Beta) 22, Over 50s: Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 4, Mark Yeadon (Beta) 23, Phil Smithson (Montesa) 26.

Youth Class B: Elliott Cock (Beta) 90. Youth Class C: Fraiser Lampkin (Beta) 59.

Small wheels hard route: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 27, Alfie Carney (Oset) 59, Ellis Barton (Oset) 62.

Middle route: Bradley Crabtree (Oset) 8, Joseph Davison (Beta) 12, Corey Shepherd ((Beta) 54.

Easy route: Koby Smith (Beta) 4, William Nicholls (Oset) 7, Ella Webster (Oset) 10.

Meanwhile, the exposed Lumb Waterfall regions of the Pennine hills were on the damp side when 51 Manywell championship contenders assembled to battle for class points.

A legacy of rain and some snow contributed towards eight slippery sections in the deep valley where stream was about its normal running level.

The entry level was good with 28 contesting the harder route.

Two veterans competed, both ex-Appleyard staff members, Bob Akrigg was taken to the cleaners by Robin Luscombe who was back, but on a TRS machine, after his lengthy, and painful, spinal maladies.

The star ride on the hard route was by Ben Butterworth riding his mighty and pristine 500cc Ariel.

A clean sheet ride left Skipton's Richard Pearson and Earby's's Richard Taylor to salvage the lower places.

Mason Carter was the best of the boys just pipping Martyn Pratt by a dab for Class B. Carter seems to climb the results at every event.

Jason Dunning's section plotting worked with progressive scores in all three classes.

Phil Haygarth took the 50-50 class with an eight penalty buffer over Shaun Lightfoot and Robin Maude, while Matt Bradley topped the eight easy class contenders.

Experts: Ben Butterworth (Ariel) 0.

Novices: 1 Richard Pearson (Beta) 11, 2 Richard Taylor (Montesa) 11, 3 Robert Berry (Beta) 12. Youth Class A: Harry Sutcliffe (Beta) 108.

Youth Class B: 1 Mason Carter (Beta) 51, 2 Martyn Pratt (Beta) 52, 3 Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 60.

50/50 course: Novices: 1 Phil Haygarth (Beta) 17, 2 Shaun Lightfoot (Vertigo) 25, 3 Robin Maude (Montesa) 26. Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Beta) 40.

Youth Class C: 1 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 45, 2 Oli Arkwright (Beta) 94.

Easy course: Novices: 1 Matt Bradley (Beta) 21, 2 Simon Green (Beta) 77, 3 Chris Coutard (Sherco) 150.

Youth Class C: 1 Charlie Petty 52, 2 Oliver Petty 77, 3 Jack Pullan 96. (All Beta).

Youth Class D: 1 Joel Isherwood (Beta) 23, 2 Jamie Green 108. (Beta) End.

Elsewhere, the Simon Green Championship trial at Tong on Sunday hit the headlines when one hundred and six competitors converged on the popular Parkwood Offroad Road Centre for the first event on the Horsforth Motor Club's calendar.

Despite the weather distance seemed no object even with dense fog blanketing parts of West Yorkshire.

Just seven days after a major enduro event the dense woodlands still afforded ten good but mild sections.

Five competitors, in three different classes, managed ride all 10 sections four times without penalty.

The first 10 finishers in two classes recorded single figure scores.

James Croft and Anthony Ayrton contested the hard route but were in different classes.

Bradford's Chris Johnson again won Clubman A from Horsforth motor cycle dealer Nige Pearson and championship sponsor Simon Green.

Pearson dropped a mark in sections one and nine on lap one otherwise the top man at Trials UK would have been the winner.

Pontefract's David Brogden rode his 50-year-old BSA Bantam to victory in Clubman B without a single penalty.

The Horsforth Motor Club thank all officials especially the 10-section observers who bore the brunt of a cold wind.

Results: Hard course: Inters: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 0, 2 Rob McNeil (Beta) 3. Novices: 1 James Croft (Beta) 0, 2 Chris Hunt (Vertigo) 2, 3 Phil Blacka (Vertigo) 2.

Over 50s: 1 Howard Gulley (TRS) 8, 2 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 8, 3 Roy Palmer (Beta) 15.

Youth Class A: 1 Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 10, 2 Harvey Taglione (Gas Gas) 14, 3 Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 35.

Clubman A: Novices: 1 Lance Codner (Beta) 10, 2 Jake Weatherill (Sherco) 15, 3 Andy Wilson (TRS) 16.

Over 50s: 1 Chris Johnson (Sherco) 0, 2 Nige Pearson (TRS) 2, 3 Simon Green (Beta) 4.

Youth Class A: Max Marston (Gas Gas) 16. Youth Class B: Jack Bennett (Beta) 34, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 49.

Clubman B: Novices: 1 Stuart Mcrink (Sherco) 0. 2 Ash Hancock (Beta) 1, Michael Hiley (Gas Gas) 6.

Over 50's: 1 Max Clift (Beta) 1, 2 Ged Fallon (TRS) 3, 3 Steve Hirst Ossa) 5.

Pre-65: 1 = David Brogden (BSA) 0 / Keith Normington (Triumph) 0, 3 Steve Gossop (BSA) 3.

Youth Class C: 1 Charlie Petty (Beta) 12, 2 Jonnie Fannon (Beta0 13, 3 Max Young (Beta) 16.

Small Wheels: Red route: 1 Callum Edmondson (Beta) 51, 2 Arthur Wright (Oset) 54. Yellow route: George Wright (Oset) 25.

White route: 1 Charley W Jennings 45, 2 Edward Abram 61, 3 Evie-Rae Edmundson 69. (All Oset).