THE Wetherby club's Filtrate Trophy destination hung in the balance at Bayliss Gap Farm where 79 competitors battled against gale force wind and 14 unforgiving sections in the dense and steep woodland that formed the backdrop for the world trials championship in the 1990s.

After two laps Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler stated he had but one penalty on his card but Glasshouses electrical technician Danny Gamble was smiling.

The Sherco rider commented that he was in with a chance, but omitted to mention he was penalty free after two laps.

East Morton landlord Martin Crosswaite was also on a high note, as was 2018 Yorkshire trials champion Sam Yeadon.

Clerk of course Patrick Darbyshire had been toiling alone in the woods plotting a different route to the norm and including part of one of the world trials sections.

Eventually that section really turned the tables on all expectations and predictions.

The favourite, Sadler, cast his JST Gas Gas into the shrubbery. Martin Crosswaite stopped, Guiseley's Joe Jennings and Newcastle visitor John Crinson joined the party.

Only Crosswaite, Sadler and Bradford youth Charlie Smith managed to hit the skyline without penalty. And Gamble? Three faultless attacks and the Filtrate Trophy was in the bag for Danny.

It really was the proverbial cliffhanger.

The new-look trial course featured many variations to test three classes.

Both Youth classes featured a Hemingway. Harry won the expert route class from Buxton's Harry Turner who put some pressure on his rival.

George Hemingway ran away with Youth Class B in the adult Clubman A category where Askrigg veteran Philip Alderson was just too sharp for Neil Gaunt and Alan Mudd.

Burnley's Darren Mitchell and Skipton's Tony Holmes were even in Clubman B.

Dave Gamble observed the second section where three tight turns on muddy rocks grabbed marks.

Crosswaite, Charlie Smith, Kendrew and Thomas Housecroft incurred penalties but Louis Haley strong armed his Montesa 4RT through without fault.

Observers Nigel Land, Keith Blythe and Wendy Yeadon had quiet spells but the four foot rock in Wendy's section did punish the lower order.

Youth pair Harry Hemingway and Harry Turner did hit the hardware with intent but Hemmo's third effort was to no avail and the rock won.

Philip just seemed to flow through the sections, almost effortless. A fine event with only the absence of the buttie van due to the fact the engine of the catering vehicle declined to start on Sunday morning.

Results: Hard course: Experts: 1 Danny Gamble (Sherco) 1, 2 Dan Hemingway (Beta) 3, 3 Martin Crosswaite (Montesa) 7.

Inters: 1 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 14, 2 Louis Haley (Montea) 19, 3 Graham Tales (Gas Gas) 21.

Novices: 1 Matthew Alpe (Beta) 22, 2 Tom Middleton (Beta) 24, 3 Adam Juffs (TRS) 27.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 20, 2 Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 26.

Clubman A: 1 Philip Alderson (Gs Gas) 1, 2 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 12, 3 Alan Mudd (Beta) 15.

Youth Class B: 1 George Hmeingay (Beta( 39, 2 Kierhan Skehan (TRS) 56, 3 Charlie Crossland (Beta) 72.

Clubman B: 1 Darren Mitchell (Montesa) 4, 2 Tony Holmes (Beta) 4, 3 Paul Sadler (Gas Gas 7.

Youth Class B: Jasper Fox (Beta) 29.