KINZA Sajid kicked her way to double gold – winning both the red belt sparring and pattern competition at a regional taekwondo competition.

The youngster also took home the best fighter trophy in her weight division at the event held by the United Martial Arts Academy at the Thornbury Centre.

Kinza, who attends Iqra Academy Primary School, was applauded during school assembly for her achievements and now has her sights set on achieving a black belt.

She has been training at Manningham Sports Centre for five years in the Korean Kicking martial art of taekwondo under the expert tutelage of national taekwondo champion Mohammed Zamoord.

Zamoord said: “I was absolutely delighted for Kinza and her family who supported her throughout the training camp. I had a feeling 2018 was going to be her year – she, her family and her club are very proud.

"Last year Kinza was about to quit taekwondo after a few setbacks. Thankfully, her mum and dad encouraged her to continue. Without their support I think she would have given up the sport."

Kinza's father Mr Sajid added: “I have four children training at Manningham Sports Centre and am really happy with their progress.

"I have to remind them that a blackbelt is a white belt that didn’t quit, and I am hoping one of my children makes it into the Olympic taekwondo team. That would surely be a dream come true."

Awais Akhtar and staff from Skip have been thanked for their sponsorship and support for the United Martial Arts Academy event.

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