ASHLEY Tattersley, a last-minute replacement due to withdrawals, won week eight of the Spen Winter Sweep.

The Lower Hopton bowler dropped only 25 chalks in reaching the semi-finals, where he beat Chris Mordue (Pudsey) 21-14.

Then in an excellent final, Tattersley took the last five ends to defeat Mark Regan (Brighouse Sports) 21-17.

Play was confined to the bottom green as the top green was still frozen and Regan made a superb start to his semi-final against Danny Sillitoe (Ossett Flying Horse), who was runner-up in week six.

Sillitoe won the first end before Regan surged 11-1 up, with Sillitoe pulling back from 12-3 to 12-9.

Regan then commanded the next four ends, including two braces, to lead 18-9 and although Sillitoe replied by winning three successive ends, Regan then got the three that he needed to close out victory 21-13.

That was actually a relatively easy result after earlier 21-20s against Stuart King (Asa Briggs) and Adam Mellor (Ladyhill).

Tattersley established an 11-4 lead in the other semi-final, with Mordue hitting back to 11-7 and 12-9.

The match then see-sawed, with Tattersley and Mordue each winning five straight points in a row before Tattersley finished his man off with four successive points.

The early stages of the final were nip and tuck and it was 8-8 at halfway before Tattersley's 12-10 lead was countered by Regan's break of four.

Tattersley then levelled at 14-14 but trailed 17-14 before another surge took him over the line.

Week eight – Preliminary round: Lorraine Hirst 9 Andy Gallagher 21, Jon Edmondson 15 Joe Cranston 21, Colin Scorah 21 Gordon Bradford 17, Scott Tattersley 21 Paul Burke 13. First round: Les Oddy 17 Nigel Marshall 21, Suzy Ladbrooke 21 Andy Hodgson 12, Danny Sillitoe 21 Garry Walker 9, Kez Smith 21 Josh Mordue 17, David Hemsley 17 Paul Holt 21, Stuart King w.o. Richard Brooke, Mark Regan 21 Chris Firth 5, Adam Mellor 21 Michael Sweeney 20, Paul Ingleby 21 Frank Griffin 10, Marc Armitage 21 David Burns 14, Mally Fowler 13 Brian Lee 21, Chris Mordue 21 Connor Davis 13, Karen Hill 8 Ash Tattersley (replaced Danny Fountain) 21, Neil Slattery 21 Duncan Reeves 11, Gallagher 7 Cranston 21, Scorah 20 Scott Tattersley 21. Second round: Marshall 20 Ladbrooke 21, Sillitoe 21 Smith 13, Holt 20 King 21, Regan 21 Mellor 20, Ingleby 17 Armitage 21, Lee 16 C Mordue 21, A Tattersley 21 Slattery 8, Cranston 21 S Tattersley 9. Quarter-finals: Ladbrooke 16 Sillitoe 21, King 20 Regan 21, Armitage 6 C Mordue 21, A Tattersley 21 J Cranston 9. Semi-finals: Sillitoe 13 M Regan 21, C Mordue 14 A Tattersley 21. Final: Regan 17 A Tattersley 21.

Points table: 19 Mark Regan; 16 Marc Armitage; 15 Joe Cranston; 13 Chris Mordue, Kez Smith, Andy Thornton; 10 Gordon Bradford, Richard Brook, Paul Burke; 9 Josh Mordue; 8 Adam Mellor, Danny Sillitoe, Michael Sweeney, Ash Tattersley; 7 Mally Fowler, Colin Scorah, Garry Walker; 6 Nigel Briggs, Nigel Marshall, Chris Firth; 5 Andy Gallagher, Karen Hill, Paul Ingleby, Danny Teale, Warren Wilson; 4 Scott Bloodworth, Chris Bly, Josh Brown, Gareth Coates, Stuart King, Neil Slattery, Billy Thornton.

The top 16 after Saturday, February 17 will play for the Geoff Brough Trophy the following Saturday (February 24). The next 16 will play in the Consolation Cup. A minimum eight weeks' play is needed to qualify.

Entries for December 23: Marc Armitage, Scott Bloodworth, Chris Bly, Gordon Bradford, Richard Brook, Paul Burke, David Burns, Gareth Coates, Chris Firth, Andy Fleming, Danny Fountain, Mally Fowler, Andy Gallagher, Frank Griffin, David Hemsley, Karen Hill, Lorraine Hirst, Paul Holt, Stuart King, Suzy Ladbrooke, Brian Lee, Nigel Marshall, Adam Mellor, Chris Mordue, Josh Mordue, Les Oddy, Duncan Reeves, Mark Regan, Bailey Rice, Colin Scorah, Danny Sillitoe, Neil Slattery, Kez Smith, Michael Sweeney, Scott Tattersley, Andy Thornton, Billy Thornton, Garry Walker.