SILSDEN'S Dougie Lampkin won what is widely regarded as the toughest one-day motorcycle trial in the world for the fifth time when he stormed to victory in the Scott Trial.

His success came 23 years after he first got his hands on the trophy and, coming on the back of his Scottish Six Days Trial win back in May, put himself among a select few who have won both competitions in the same year.

His victory was even more remarkable as it came on board a standard production Vertigo Vertical 300 that a few days earlier was being used as a customer demo bike.

The Richmond Motor Club event featured 80 miles of moorland, with not a road in sight, and 76 unforgiving trials sections ranging from rivers to rocky climbs that sapped muscles and brought some competitors to their knees.

Multi-world champion Lampkin attacked from the start and at a pace the 41-year-old was able to maintain for most of his ride.

With 11 marks on time and 43 on observation, Lampkin was declared the winner with a seven-mark advantage over Ian Austermuhle.

The 2015 winner beat 21-year-old Brompton on Swale agricultural plant operative James Stones by a single penalty to snatch second place ahead of him, fourth-placed James Dabill and Leyburn joiner Richard Sadler in fifth.

The fastest time was set by former winner Dabill, although the Cookridge rider lapsed on the section penalties.

Lampkin said: "That has to be one of my toughest days ever on a bike. Unfortunately, my schedule on the run-up to the event didn't really give me enough time to do the amount of preparation I really wanted to.

"Don't get me wrong I still did enough hours to make my body sore even before the Trial had even begun, so I knew it was going to be a tough day as I have really been struggling with pain in my arms.

"I set off hard and tried to hang on as long as I could at that pace, but I paid the price as the last hour was simply a case of survival. I was passed by a few guys on the way in, but there was nothing I could do about it as just hanging on was a real problem."

"I knew I was there or thereabouts on observation, but until they read your name out you never know if you have won or not."

"Winning the Scottish and the Scott in the same year is something my Dad (Martin) always said was special, so I am very proud to have managed to do this, especially at this late stage in my career."

Only 118 competitors completed the course from a total of 202 starters.

The Scott Trial organising team, led by Paul Robinson, had a hard task marking the trials course and many of the sections. Streams normally just a trickle were swollen to critical depths.

The legendary Orgate Falls was running almost four feet above normal levels but miraculously on Saturday at 7.30am, it had receded. The high winds later in the day followed by rain certainly gave observers and riders a tough time especially, the exposed Tank Trap, Surrender and Reels Head sections.

Many riders struck mechanical problems, British champion Jack Price suffering engine failure with two sections to ride at Clapgate.

National enduro star Billy Bolt, from Wallsend, blew his machine's engine after 32 sections. York's Tom Hick dropped out after 24 sections. Norton gas rig technician Roger H Williams retired after just six sections but Richmond contestant Patrick Jukes beat Roger's undesired record by managing just four.

Only two ladies entered. World and British trials champion Emma Bristow got her MRS Sherco home in 34th position while Skeeby's Chloe Richardson got her Beta home in 63rd.


1 Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 11 time + 43 observation = 54 (Alfred Scott

Trophy) = 61, 2 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 2 +59 = 61 (Raymond Bailey Trophy), 3 James Stones (Beta) 21 + 41 = 62 (Raspin Challenge Bowl), 4 James Dabill (Gas Gas) 0 67 = 67 (Folbig Cup) 5 Richard Sadler (Beta) 24 +54 = 78, 6 Iwan Roberts (Beta) 21 + 69 = 85 (Kart House Trophy), 7 Tom Minta) Gas Gas)

16 = 69 = 85.

Scott Silver Spoon Winners: 8 Jonathan Richardson 89, 9 Guy Kendrew 91, 10 Sam Connor 92, 11 Dan Peace 95, 12 Michael Brown 102, 13 Sam Haslam 108, 14 Ben Hemingway 225, 15 Dan Thorpe 116, 16 Ross Danby 119, 17 Rob Waite 124, 18 Chris Pearson 130, 19 Luke Walker 133, 20 Tom Affleck 133, 21 Adam Milner 134, 22 Jack Stones 137, 23 Jack Spencer 146, 24 John Sunter 146, 25 James Fry 153, 26 Jack Peace 157.

Club team awards: 1 Richmond A: James Stones/Richard Sadler/Jonathan Richardson 229, 2 Scarborough MC: Dan Peace/Michael Brown/Emma Bristow 383,

3 Richmond B: Dan Thorpe/Jack Stones/John Sunter 399.

Manufacturers Team: 1 NMC Copley Beta A: Ian Austermuhle/Guy Kendrew/Richard Sadler 230, 2 NMC Copley B: Iwan Roberts/Jack Spencer/James Stones 293, 3 JST Gas Gas: Jonathan Richardson/Sam Haslam/Dan Thorpe 313.