GRAHAM Alexander brushed aside the result to declare himself satisfied with City’s pre-season opener.

The Bantams were beaten by two first-half goals at Chorley yesterday – the first conceded inside 30 seconds.

But Alexander, who fielded two different line-ups for each half, was happy to get the minutes in after a strenuous first full week of training.

“The players worked exceptionally hard this week with double sessions most days, including Friday so they’d go into the game fatigued,” said the City boss.

“We wanted to get 45 minutes out of all the players we had with us. I’m delighted we managed to do that.

“There were some good bits for us to build on with the tactical aspect. Obviously, we’ll look at the couple of goals and other things we need to do a little bit better.

“But that’s the first game in pre-season.

“We spoke to the players on Friday that we wouldn’t be preparing for it on a physical aspect.

“We were going to work exceptionally hard that day and they would feel it tomorrow.

“We have to prepare them and put ourselves under challenges because we’ve got a 10-month, 50-game season and that’s all I’m fussed about.”

City started with trialist Brad James in goal and fielded youth-team players Max Murray, Leon Brookes and George Goodman.

Jake Young and Alex Pattison returned from their lengthy injury absences and Vadaine Oliver got his first Bantams run-out since January.

Alexander added: “Seven players in that first half didn’t play for us at the end of last season.

“The trialist in goal, a couple of young boys, players that have returned from loan and a couple of long-term injuries coming back.

“It was pretty much a new team on that side of it.

“The second-half team had more of the shape and you could certainly see that in the forward areas. They were players who were part of what we did last season.

“We used the first half as an exercise for the second with things we needed to do better.

“It’s about ironing out those creases and making sure the players are taking in the tactical information.

“We haven’t gone overboard this week. It was more of a physical week.

“We told them we’d drip-feed in things and we’ll be able to analyse that.

“I’ve played at Chorley numerous times as a player at Preston North End in pre-season.

“They were always ready for it. We’ve tried to identify where we will get these challenges and we knew Chorley would be a good one.

“They are a competitive team in the league they are in and we’ve always had a fight on our hands over the last 20 years when we’ve come here.”