CITY’S new trio of promotion winners should know how to guide them through any sticky spell next season.

Antoni Sarcevic, Neill Byrne and latest recruit Callum Johnson have all arrived at Valley Parade fresh from conquering League Two.

And Graham Alexander feels that recent positive experience can be invaluable for the group in the good and bad times.

He said: “It’s that expectancy and desire to win but also the composure in the difficult moments.

“When you do win a promotion, either as a player or a manager, if you review that season there will have been little periods when it was tough.

“You understand how to navigate and handle those times, keep your confidence and composure.

“I think they’ll have learned that from the other promotions they have won.

“It’s certainly in my mind from the times when we’ve been successful. There have always been periods when you are tested.

“You are doubted and criticised but you have to show a personality about what you are, not only as coaches and managers but as players.

“Those guys coming off the back of that success will be able to help the other players do that as well.

“We have good, experienced players already in the squad and I think it’s the more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned to push and support each other.

“I always tell the players before we got out for a game, ‘look at the guy next to you’.

“Look at the characters we have around ourselves. It helps you raise your game five to 10 per cent if you know you’re surrounded by like-minded people.”

City had their highs and lows last season, notably the costly four-game losing slump in March before bouncing back with an unbeaten seven-match finish capped off with five straight wins.

Alexander added: “It does pass. We’ll be in a better place if we all put our experience on the table to support each other through the trials and tribulations of a full season.

“That’s what we are trying to create here. We’re trying to build a team that can handle any challenge that comes along, whether it’s from the opponents, from ourselves, whether it’s from the league position or results.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: City had a tough time when they lost four in a row last seasonCity had a tough time when they lost four in a row last season (Image: Thomas Gadd)

“Whatever it is, we need to be strong enough to withstand it and come out the other side.

“Without a shadow of doubt, there are moments like that for every team in every season.

“It’s about who handles them the best. I think they will certainly add their experience in a good way to us.”

Johnson sat out most of the second half of Mansfield’s promotion charge through injury.

But Alexander knows he has recruited another player used to being involved in a winning environment.

“Callum’s played a lot in League One and been a regular. But both times he’s been in League Two, he’s been promoted.

“He was quick to remind me of that as well and it’s good he’s got that confidence.

“I’m sure he would have loved to have played more with Mansfield but he certainly had a major part in Accrington’s promotion a few years ago.

“But if you’re around that winning mentality and culture in the training ground, you definitely take it on to the next club you go to.

“I know that from my own experience. If you’ve got anything about you, once you understand what that winning attitude feels like on a day-to-day basis, it sticks with you.”