CITY have “pretty much” made up their minds on who they want to keep for next season.

But they are staying schtum until the final three games are out the way.

Boss Graham Alexander does not want any distractions in the dressing room as the Bantams look to continue their recent run and finish an underwhelming campaign with a flourish.

Alexander, chief executive Ryan Sparks and head of football operations David Sharpe will continue to keep their contract calls under wraps until the last ball has been kicked.

He said: “We’re pretty much decided within ourselves. We haven’t spoken to the individuals concerned.

“We still feel we need to keep the focus on the games. It’s really important for us to do that.

“Lads will talk and it just becomes a distraction. It’s not just those guys.

“There are a few out of contract and stuff like that and we don’t want to bring that sort of uncertainty into the changing room when everyone’s talking about it.

“I think it played a little part in our form in January with the window being open and the circumstances surrounding it.

“We pretty much know but there are a couple we still have to really knuckle down on to decide and speak to those players at the right time.

“We don’t feel that now is that moment. We want to finish the season strongly.”

Five of the side that beat Salford are out of contract in the summer – Brad Halliday, who was named this week in the League Two team of the year, Richie Smallwood, Jamie Walker, Matty Platt and Bobby Pointon.

Sam Stubbs, Harry Chapman and Liam Ridehalgh are also on deals that currently run out in the summer.

But City do have the security of taking up a year’s option in their favour with six of those players, barring Platt and Chapman.

“I think Ryan has structured it well,” said Alexander. “It puts the club in a good position.

“Even if you’ve got options, if a player is absolutely determined not to be here then it’s one of those where we judge it as we see it. But it gives the club an element of control.

“You talk about humans and they have to have a say in it as well.

“It’s not just a case of locking them inside the building. But the club comes above any individually and it always has to be in a strong position.

“We feel that we are at the moment. We’ve got some really good players in that squad but we’ve also got the room in a month or so to bring in improvements.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Matty Platt is one of two players without a club option in his contractMatty Platt is one of two players without a club option in his contract (Image: Tom Pearson)

“That’s what every club tries to do and we’re no different. Nobody stays the same.

“We’ll work to the best of our ability to try and do that.”

The Bantams boss is happy to wait to speak to the players involved. He was made aware when he first got the job of the club’s preference to wait until the season was out the way.

“Ryan’s done this in the past at Bradford. Discussions have been left to the end of the season.

“He spoke to me about that when I first came in and I was more than happy to go along with it.

“We know there’s business to be done, in and out, and understand that.

“Players can sometimes get a gist of where they see themselves. Sometimes it might not be spot on but I think there are a lot of intelligent boys at this football club.

“But while we’re trying to win games, we just want to focus on the football.

“We’re having discussions in the background constantly, but we just want to try to keep the players away from that at this minute.”