GRAHAM Alexander insists City feel the same pain as the fans when they aren’t winning.

The Bantams are desperate to snap the eight-game run since their last league victory.

Boss Alexander can understand the building frustration among the supporters – and stresses everyone feels the same.

“We all have an emotional attachment to our results,” he said.

“If you’re a lifelong Bradford City supporter and it’s in your blood, then it’s going to hurt you.

“If it’s your profession, it’s going to hurt you.

“Footballers and managers are emotional people. We may not show it all the time but we do have feelings.”

Alexander will join chief executive Ryan Sparks and head of recruitment Stephen Gent at a fans forum on the radio tonight.

It has come in for a fair amount of criticism because there will be no supporters present and questions had to be submitted in advance.

Alexander says City are doing all they can to turn around their league fortunes and give the crowd something to cheer.

“We want to reward people for their support and prove them right as to why we are here in the first place.

“But football’s a sport where you have to understand both sides of it and not get too down or too high. It’s the flip of a coin a lot of the time.

“Make no mistake, the players and staff feel results as well. All we can do is promise people we’ll do our best to make sure we give everything to win a game.

“I think the majority of fans will forgive that if you don’t get a result.”

The forum takes place on BBC Radio Leeds from 6pm.