NEW Bradford Bulls hooker Mitch Souter landed in the country from Australia earlier this week, and he has given his first interview in England.

The 22-year-old, who has joined the Betfred Championship outfit from Canberra Raiders’ NSW Cup side, cannot wait for pre-season to start next week, ahead of a 2024 campaign where Bulls will look to build on this year’s third-placed finish and play-off semi-final.

He said: “I’m excited, probably the most excited I’ve ever been to start a pre-season.

“Normally, you’re not to keen to get going, but I can’t wait to rip in and get started here.”

Bradford still have that worldwide pull, having been among the best club sides in the world at the turn of the century.

Souter said: “I think what made me choose Bradford was the rich history of the club, which is super important to note.

“It was also the opportunity to come over to the other side of the world and play the brilliant footy they have here.

“I want to bring what I know and what I play over here too and just see how it goes.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mitch Souter has spent his whole rugby league career in Australia until now.Mitch Souter has spent his whole rugby league career in Australia until now. (Image: Canberra Raiders.)

“It’s a whole new experience as well, which was so appealing, and there were a couple of Bradford boys in Canberra (Elliott Whitehead and John Bateman), which might have influenced me joining.”

Discussing his career so far, Souter said: “I grew up in Canberra, I’ve been there pretty much my whole life.

“I’d been with the Raiders from the age of 16, playing in a competition for that age group, and I just gradually went up the ranks.

“I played 16s, 18s, then a couple of years of 20s and 21s, and was lucky enough to make my reserve grade debut last year.

“I had a couple of games in that and that’s kind of been my journey.

“I’ve been a one-town man, a one-club man, for a while, so I’m super excited for that to change at Bradford.”

Souter expects to have to adapt to this new challenge, saying: “From what I’ve heard from other people, the two games (Australian rugby league and British rugby league) are quite different in how teams and individuals play.

“I’m just excited to bring what I do to the table, and to see what works over here.

I want to build a connection with all the boys here and see what we can do together.”

Souter will meet his teammates for the first time in the coming days, but he is already thankful for the welcome has received from club CEO Jason Hirst, Bulls’ general manager Tracey Erby and head coach Eamon O’Carroll.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bulls CEO Jason Hirst is among those who have helped Mitch Souter settle in at Bradford straightaway.Bulls CEO Jason Hirst is among those who have helped Mitch Souter settle in at Bradford straightaway. (Image: @OfficialBullsRL.)

He said: “The journey here was long and it was hard to begin with.

“I had flight delays straightaway and had to stay up overnight, then I had to travel in the air for about 24 hours and only got about hours of sleep within that, which was a bit tough.

“But when I landed, it was good to see Jason and Tracey, and Eamon came and picked me up straightaway.

“The fact they were up at 7:30 at night, just to come out to the stadium and meet me, it made me feel really valued and wanted here.”