MANY Bulls fans have been getting increasingly agitated over the lack of recruitment and retention announcements from the club, despite the season ending in only a month’s time.

But head coach Mark Dunning has attempted to quell any unease, saying: “The process is underway for new deals.

“It’s something that’s been getting a lot of attention, but we’re having a number of daily meetings about it.

“It’s a process that is starting and now accelerating all the time.

“We’re talking to quite a few players, both internally and externally, so there’s a focus on retention and recruitment.”

Dunning talked last week about how these losing runs, like the five-game one Bradford are on now, are commonplace, even among top Super League sides.

The likes of Elliot Kear, Ant Walker and Matty Dawson-Jones had plenty of years at the highest level, and asked how important their input is right now, the boss said: “I think we have a number of players whose experience we can use to get out of this bad run.

“Aside from the three you’ve mentioned, we’ve got Aaron Murphy, Rhys Evans, Dec Patton and Steve Crossley in the same boat.

“We’re fully aware of where we’re at, but we have that experience in the squad to make a turnaround happen.

“The players have been training really well, so it’s about converting that on to the playing field now.”

On how this losing streak is affecting him, as a proud Bradfordian, Dunning insisted: “I’ve said all along it’s not about me, it’s about the club.

“The situation we’re in now is hard for everyone and it’s not pleasing anyone.

“But I’m buoyed by all the work going on behind the scenes that people don’t see.”