CITY are unlikely to appeal Kian Harratt’s red card – despite feeling that he has no case to answer.

The striker was sent off after the final whistle on Saturday following a clash with Doncaster keeper Johnny Mitchell.

Harratt raised his hands towards the opponent in the melee at the end of the goalless draw and now faces a three-game ban for violent conduct.

Mark Hughes believes the incident was “something of nothing” but the club are struggling to find a close-up view on film to push their claims.

The City boss said: “We’ve looked at it but the problem is that we can’t get the definitive footage.

“It’s unfortunate because I think that would very much show that it was something of nothing.

“We’ve spoken to the referees’ assessor but they’re not very positive. They will always support the referee.

“We’re trying to say that he might not have even brushed his hair but the fact that he’s raised his hand makes it very difficult.

“We’ve put in an email saying there’s a possibility we might appeal it. But from the conversations we’ve had, the chance of success is very small.”

City’s sense of injustice was heightened after Doncaster’s Liam Ravenhill was not dismissed for the foul that broke Emmanuel Osadebe’s right leg.

“There were a number of incidents in the game,” added Hughes. “The lad that injured Manny was only yellow-carded for his challenge.

“He’s going to be available this weekend to play, whereas Kian won’t be available for three games. It doesn’t seem right.”