BRADFORD Bulls CEO Jason Hirst has penned his latest column, and you can read it below:

The 21st century sports spectator wants entertainment, both on and off the field. As a club, we need to improve in both areas and it’s my accountability, to ensure that we do.

It’s obvious to us all, that the most immediate thing we need to address, is on field performance, because quite rightly, fans come to be entertained by the on the field team and expect us to win more matches than we have this season.

When you don’t, people become upset and frustrated, trust me, I well understand that.

To fix things takes time and patience, particularly with regards to recruitment and retention, where there are all manner of things to be considered and navigated.

At this time of season, no matter how well, or otherwise things are going, contracts come up for renewal, agents seek salary increases for their clients, some players want to move on, for various reasons and some want to stay, again, for various reasons.

Our recruitment and retention process is well underway, with due diligence and careful consideration given to each and every incoming and outgoing.

Announcements (including, when applicable, Squad Booster’s help and support) will be made, over the coming weeks and months and fans will have their own thoughts and opinions on each and every signing and release. That’s part of what being a fan is about.

What I respectfully ask everyone to do, is judge the squad as a whole, once it’s finalised, as it’s the sum of the parts that is far more important than any individual component and some deals take longer to get over the line than others.

The original aim, for this season, as part of the chairman’s previously communicated plan (following a return to Odsal and a season of consolidation), was to be a contender at the top end of the league.

We’re not the first to have failed in that regard and we certainly will not be the last.

We must, however, do better next season and aim for a top four finish.

To do that would represent progress and improvement, especially when measured against teams that will receive significantly more than us in terms of central funding distribution and/or additional financial backing from wealthy benefactors.

Despite an un-level financial playing field, if we did achieve a top four finish, we’d only be only one or two matches away from it all being about what happens over 80 minutes.

Achieving that top-four finish would give us greater financial flexibility to push on again the following season.

It’s all about season-on-season improvement, that’s the sustainable way to achieving success.

We have no divine right to be successful, just because of our name, past success, fan base or any other reason.

That’s the reality, no matter how painful it may be for some, as we all crave a return to Super League and five-figure crowds.

Increased crowd figures bring me to my second point of off-field entertainment.

My team and I are determined to improve the off field, pre and post-match entertainment, as that’s the other thing, after results, which will help swell attendances and create a more positive, feelgood, family atmosphere around the stadium.

To underpin that, our commercial and marketing team are busy finalising our season ticket marketing campaign, which is more detailed, incentivised, targeted and strategic than it’s been for many years.

I appreciate that even some of our most loyal fans will be questioning whether to renew or buy a season ticket for next season.

I empathise and understand why, but I urge you to do, what I have personally continued to do, throughout the good and bad times; support and back your club and buy a season ticket, as we can’t be successful without you.

The more tickets we sell, the bigger our playing budget, the greater the chance we have of being successful. You can make a difference.

As well as our loyal existing fan base, I’ve tasked my team with reaching out further afield to other areas of Bradford and the surrounding district, to attract new or lapsed fans, with particular emphasis being given to juniors, who are our next generation of supporters.

If we all pull together and strengthen on and off the field of play, then those young fans could, in future, get to saviour moments that many long-standing supporters have been fortunate enough to experience, like cup finals, league titles and outstanding entertainment.

If we get our 2023 recruitment and retention right, which I’m confident we will and if you stick with us, we can and will holistically improve year on year and be well positioned to take advantage of any RFL and Super League restructure, following their recently announced 12-year strategic partnership with IMG.

To conclude; we remain focused on continually improving and being successful on and off the field and giving you, our loyal fans, the successful team and club you crave and deserve.

Success, however, doesn’t happen overnight. Without a rich benefactor, it comes about through year-on-year planning, development, improvement and support.

It also takes patience, realism, loyalty and a tremendous amount of hard work. Please do whatever you can to help us achieve our aims.

(N.B:): Hirst was speaking before Bulls' Summer Bash clash with Halifax on Saturday.