VADAINE Oliver fears black players are still fighting a losing battle over racism in football.

City’s friendly at Chesterfield was marred by accusations of a racist verbal attack on Lee Angol and Yann Songo’o.

A home supporter was escorted from the ground by stewards after the incident, which is set to be investigated by the FA.

Despite football’s concerted campaign to promote anti-racism, City striker Oliver admitted that such situations are still happening in games.

He said: “You think it has been put in the past but it still crops up in the game.

“Last year, sometimes you would take the knee and you’d hear boos and grumbles.

“It’s not necessary and sometimes it’s really hard to take as a black player.

“It’s not nice. I’ve come here to play a game of football and do something I really enjoy and you’re here as fans to support your team and watch everyone do well.

“To bring something like that into this environment is just unnecessary.

“There were a few incidents when I was playing at Gillingham last season.

“Someone scored down there and one of our fans racially abused him. Even if it’s your fans, that’s not acceptable and you don’t want to see it.

“You wouldn’t do it in the street or in any normal walk of life. But for some reason, and I don’t know why, some people think they can say what they like as fans.

“They know it’s not acceptable and not right. But, unfortunately, we’ve still got it in the game and it’s something we’ve got to eradicate.”

The unsavoury incident flared up when Angol and Songo’o were warming up with fellow sub Andy Cook near the corner flag.

“They are not doing anything bad or trying to instigate anything with the fans,” added Oliver. “The boys are just warming up.

“For you to think it’s acceptable and necessary to go out of your way to racially abuse someone is just despicable.

“It’s not the Chesterfield fanbase, it’s not everyone in the stadium.

“It doesn’t define the club at all. You’ve got muppets who still want to act that way and that’s absolutely ridiculous."

Oliver insisted the rest of the squad have rallied round the players involved to ensure they have not been affected by what went on.

“We’re a very tight group. The boys know that it’s not acceptable and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.

“But as sad as it is, as black players sometimes we have to.

“We’re all behind each other and we’ll make sure everyone is all right mentally going into next weekend and the weeks ahead.”