MARK Dunning is desperate to stop the fear factor gripping the Bulls again.

Three straight defeats against Leigh, Newcastle and London have hit confidence hard as they drift away from play-off contention.

And ahead of Sunday’s trip to Barrow, who now sit seven points above them in the Championship top six, Dunning admits the team are letting heads drop too quickly.

“We’ve had another honest review and there have been some good training sessions,” he said. “There were small signs of improvement last week but we’ve got a long way to go.

“I spoke when I first took over about the players playing within themselves and with a bit of fear. That’s crept in a little bit again.

“They faced some adversity against Leigh and then some real trouble against Newcastle and it’s almost as if we have gone back into our shells.

“We’ve gone a little bit insular again so that’s our job to work hard on eradicating that as we did before and bring people out of themselves.

“We’ve got to be more resilient under pressure and when things go wrong. We can’t just crumble and disappear within ourselves.

“We’ve got to puff our chests out, pull our shoulders back and work hard to play and express ourselves. That’s what we are looking to do.”

Warrington forward Jacob Morgan is set to come straight into the squad for Craven Park after joining on loan yesterday until the end of the season.

Jordan Baldwinson is already ruled out with the calf injury he suffered early on in the London loss.

“We’re just trying to get confirmation of the grading of the tear," added Dunning. "The best-case scenario is three to four weeks, the worst could be four to six.

“The injury did disrupt the rhythm and the plan with the interchange. But that’s the nature of sport and you won’t hear me complain.”