THERE were times in Bulls' 42-18 pre-season win over a young Hull FC side at the weekend that the ball seemed like a magnet to new centre Kieran Gill.

And the former Newcastle Thunder man admitted that is what he craves when he is on the pitch.

Speaking after Sunday's win at Odsal, he said: "I'm happy to get the ball wherever.

"That's if I'm taking a few settlers out of yardage, or if I have good ball looking to pave a way to the try line.

"I'm just excited whenever I get the ball to try and create something or get a quick play for the next set.

"Me and Dec (Patton) came together much better this week. We've had good, tough training sessions in midweek and we spoke about what to improve on from the Batley game.

"I can finally see us coming together and we're learning off each other.

"We don't need to talk to each other as much as before, because we can see what's going to happen, and as long as Dec and I have got that, I can see big success on the left side and for us as a team in general."

On the growing telepathy between himself and Patton, Gill added: "That's what you want with your half-back.

"You've also got the likes of Sam Scott in the back row, who's very experienced, and on the outside, as long as the winger trusts me and I trust Dec, I think we'll do very well this season.

"We get the (match) videos out for the Tuesday session, see about the stuff we can learn from, and then we just keep going with our preparation.

"We've got Leeds next, and there's probably still stuff we need to improve on, there's always going to be, week in, week out, but I think we're getting there now."

Despite Gill talking up the relationship with his fellow backs, he did not need any of them for his try against Hull, making a clever interception inside his own half and running 70 metres to score.

The powerful centre said: "It's about the shape and trying to read what the attackers are going to do, but not over-read, because if I'd got that wrong, that's a chance for the opposition winger.

"I think my knowledge is coming through too. I've always been classed as a youngster coming through and now I'd like to step up as more of a priority player.

"I want to try and lead my left edge with Dec. We've always said we don't want any tries down that side, and I think while we're at Odsal we can complete that."