BULLS have been warned there will be no easing up in the pre-season intensity.

They have two more friendlies to play against Hull FC on Sunday and then Leeds before the Championship begins at Dewsbury on January 30.

John Kear has talked about “putting the accelerator down” in the build-up – and the squad can expect some more punishing days on the training pitch to come.

He said: “They won’t be happy about this but it’s still going to be tough training.

“The only week when we’ll use it as a proper structured game preparation will be (ahead of) Dewsbury.

“Until that time, you may well be seeing one or two players looking a little bit leggy because we’ve put a lot of work into them on the training pitch.

“We trust in what we’re doing and believe all focus and aims should be on that Dewsbury game in round one.”

Brad England, Ryan Millar and Samy Kibula will all come into contention for the remaining friendlies.

Kear added: “You’ll probably see one, two or three of them in the next coming weeks – and Aaron Murphy.

“There are still spots up there and players we want to have a good look at in the coming weeks.

“I don’t think we’re far off. Next week we’ll see further improvement.

“You’ll probably see strong teams for the other two games as well. We just need to grow together and get used to playing together and trusting each other.

“You saw the trust in Batley because they are just used to being in and amongst each other. We need to develop that and that’s a task we’ve got to do in the next few weeks.”