JORDAN Lilley says we can expect his future to be sorted within the next fortnight, as he admitted he has been weighing up interest from other clubs.

A contract offer from Bradford is on the table for the talented scrum-half, but he is yet to sign it.

Lilley said: "Bradford have offered me a two-year contract, but I've not signed it.

"That doesn't mean I don't want to, but it's just a case of sorting out terms and money, and what's right for both parties.

"It'd be daft for me not to look elsewhere though and see who else is interested, and there are other teams who are keen on me.

"It's just about seeing what's on the table and what's best for my career. A lot of players go to other clubs for the money on offer, not for the benefit of their careers.

"But I need to think about where I can go in my career, and see what the best version of Jordan Lilley is.

"Nothing is a done deal just yet, but there should be a final decision on my future in the next two weeks."

There is no doubt that Lilley is happy at Bradford, with the return of half-back partner Danny Brough in Sunday's win at York helping.

He said: "Joe Brown filled in there and did a phenomenal job, but Broughy had a massive impact in both our wins over York this season,

"His presence just frees me up to show off my running game, as I don't have to worry too much about kicking and organising plays.

"Danny has been around the block and played so many games because of the calibre of player he is.

"He's played at the top level practically his whole career so I've learnt so much from him this season.

"He also just keeps everyone on the field calm, which is what you need sometimes.

"It's a shame he picked up that bicep injury and has had to have time away, but it's good to have him back, as we're going to need our best team to help us challenge in the play-offs."

Bulls could potentially face Toulouse in the last four of the play-offs, but first they have to host them in the league this Sunday.

The French outfit have won every league game this season, and are the overwhelming favourites for promotion to Super League.

So asked if this weekend's clash was a free hit for Bradford, Lilley said: "Some will say it's a free hit, some will say we have no chance, and some will say to go for the win.

"We know we're all going to have put in 10 out of 10 performances to beat them, but if you go into any game convinced you'll lose, there's no point playing it, you may as well just give the other side a 24-0 win.

"But even if we can't get the win, we need to show up and prove we can compete with these top teams."