DARRYL Ombang needed only one training session to convince City that he can be the real deal.

The England under-16s goalkeeper this week completed a move to Leeds which could earn his former club a future windfall.

The 16-year-old is one of the most exciting prospects in his age group and has signed a two-year scholarship at Elland Road.

Joining the Premier League side has come as no surprise to one of his former coaches, who spotted his potential straight off.

David Brown admits he was instantly blown away when Ombang was invited for a trial at City’s development centre at Woodhouse Grove.

Ombang, 14 at the time, had been recommended and Brown and fellow coach Adam Fox were asked to put him through his paces.

Brown said: “We were doing the standard keep-ball, rondo squares to start the session and he was keeping the ball better than some of the outfield players.

“You could just see something straight away. We thought he was winding us up when he said he was a keeper!

“In the modern game, you look at the likes of Edison and Alisson – all the top teams want a keeper who can use their feet.

“So that was a major tick and then we went on to a normal possession drill and kept him with us. We didn’t send him off to do the goalie work because he was so good.

“We changed the session to do loads of shooting and set up a small-sided game and, honestly, nothing was going past him.

“I joined in myself but he was saving everything. He just had this physique and stature and I said to Foxy, ‘we’ve got something here’.

“We already knew that he could play in the first team one day. It was that obvious.”

The best players from City’s development centres are usually promoted to an elite squad after a couple of months to play against the academy team. It allows their coaches to watch the most promising youngsters in a game situation.

But Ombang made such an impression that he was quickly put in the elite ranks to prevent the risk of losing him.

“While he was doing it here at the development centre, other clubs could just come along and pick him up,” added Brown.

“We had to get him straight up. He had two or three sessions then the Academy took him and we never saw him again.

“But it was really obvious that he would do well.

“We always asked about him and would hear great things back. Then you see he’s with England and playing with the under-18s at 15 or 16.

“Normally you get kids coming in and you’re not sure. They might be nervous and you give them a few weeks to settle.

“But Darryl was the polar opposite. It was a case of ‘don’t waste his time, just send him straight to the academy’.

“You’ve got to fight to get into it because there are some really good players but I’ve never been so convinced about a player at Bradford.”

Brown, who scored on his City debut in 2008 and made five sub appearances, expects Ombang to go on to big things.

“It’s a massive opportunity for him.

“I know when boys sign scholarships it’s something daft like only two per cent make it to first-team football. But he will be one of that two per cent – I’m adamant about that.

“I really hope Bradford have got a good deal out of it. Unless something happens like a serious injury, I can guarantee he will play in the first team somewhere.”