IT will be hard to police people singing and dancing in pubs during Euro 2020, according to a Bradford TV doctor.

With England set to play their first game in the tournament against Croatia on Sunday afternoon, pubs in Bradford are expected to see a healthy turnout of fans watching.

But the Covid restrictions say it is illegal to sing and dance at indoor venues, including pubs, and owners could be fined if they take place.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Dr Amir Khan: “Emotions will be running high.

“It is a great weekend for football and it is great that people can go to the pub to watch it.

“I feel like a party pooper, I love singing ‘Football’s Coming Home’ “It is illegal because it could generate aerosol particles when people sing loudly indoors. Outdoors is less problematic.

“It will be difficult to police and people will find it hard to control their emotions.”