BRIAN Noble has voiced his fears about the Bulls leaving Odsal and admitted: “I’m not sure we’ll ever get over it.”

The club legend is urging the power-makers to find a solution as chairman Andrew Chalmers stressed the prospect of quitting their home is a genuine possibility.

Chalmers has revealed the Bulls cannot afford to remain at Odsal because of the operating costs and could walk out on September 30.

Noble, a Bradford player for 15 years and head coach for five during their dominant era in Super League, cannot bear to see that happen.

He said: “This stadium means a lot to me and to a lot of people in Bradford – and to the psyche of the city.

“I think the club have got a gun held at their head.

“It’s unfair. People not involved in sport who don’t have those emotional highs and lows need to at least taste it before they can get those kind of reflections.

“I know some of the costs involved in running Odsal and it’s a tough ticket. They need some help.

“If you want the bygone days, it will take a bit of money on the part of somebody.

“But what Andrew Chalmers has said is fair. We’re in a DC-10 here so who’s going to pay for the maintenance?

“The Bradford rugby team needs to stay in Bradford, without a shadow of a doubt.

“Is there a danger they could leave? I think there is – and that’s extremely frightening.”

Chalmers has been in talks with the RFL, who hold the lease to Odsal, and the council landlords to find a compromise. A move to an alternative ground such as Bradford (Park Avenue) or Dewsbury has been mooted.

Noble, who first played at Odsal aged 11 in a schoolboy final, insists it would be a huge blow to the morale of the city if the Bulls were uprooted.

He added: “I can remember being head coach when the whole city bounced for weeks.

“People talk about mental health and what better for that than when both of your professional sports teams are at the top of their league ladders?

“Neither are in the places where they want to be right now but the people of Bradford shouldn’t forget that Odsal still has the potential to be a cauldron of happiness.

“The rugby team can play their part as much as the soccer team – I’m a Bantams fan as well. I understand Bradford intimately and you shouldn’t minimise the effect that a successful sporting side has on the people of the city.

“I understand the pressures on the council. Those issues would be a whole lot better if this club and the one down the road were winning and we were in the right place and right stadium.

“Andrew Chalmers has been dealt a set of cards by the council and the RFL saying it’s going to cost you X amount of money to play there. It’s financial suicide for him to sign up to that.

“How on earth are you going to build?

“So, they give him the tough decision. Come to the table and help him at least.

“I heard the rumour that they might not play in Bradford next year.

“The story of this club, even in adversity, is outstanding. Don’t take its team out of Bradford.

“What damage will it do to this city? I’m not sure we’ll ever get over it.”

Noble was back at Odsal on Sunday in his role as Toronto’s director of rugby to see the Championship leaders beat the Bulls 25-20.

“I’m passionate about the place and about rugby league in Bradford,” he said.

“What better stage for Bradfordians and for the Rugby League. But there need to be some good decisions made in the next few weeks.

“The negative steps that have been taken against this club at times have been to the detriment of the game by a million miles.

“Somebody has to provide some answers and everybody has to work together with that.

“This club is community-based and part and parcel of this great city. Genuinely, there has to be some kind of solution that can keep them here.”