JOHN Kear has described the dream of the play-offs after having to roll their sleeves up in League One last season and says it could come down to a dramatic final day.

Bulls face a fateful final five in the quest for promotion, as they teeter just outside fifth spot.

For the Odsal outfit to make it, there will need to be an effort of herculean proportions, but Kear knows it would be worth it for the efforts of, not only this season, but the campaign before as well.

He said: "First of all for the players it would be a great reward for a massive application throughout the season.

"To me, myself, I’d be delighted because 12 months ago we were in League One and we got our sleeves rolled up, scrapping among the likes of Hemel and teams like that to make sure we get out of it, so that we were playing in a better competition.

"Having played in a better competition, should we get in a play-off position, I think it really will say well we are really climbing and on our way back."

Realistically, Featherstone - three points above Bulls - are the ones to catch.

But, a lot can happen in five games and Leigh, Toulouse and even York would be advised to keep an eye on those behind them, particularly given the fixtures in the final round of play.

Kear himself can see the play-off positions going right down to the wire.

He said: "The last day fixtures are good ones. Fev-Toulouse, Leigh-Toronto, York have even got to go to Halifax.

"You just think ‘my God, what a last day of fixtures it’s going to be.’

"I predicted to the players halfway through the season that I felt it would go to the last day.

"If it does go to the last day and we’ve got a chance on the last day, I think we’ll have a great opportunity to get into that top five."

To make it a last day shout-out, Bulls will have to make sure they hit top gear, while hoping fate shines bright with the results of those above them.

Kear admits it would be folly to not follow what is going on around them in the league, but ultimately the focus will always remain on their performances.

He said: "I think we’ve got five games that we’ve got the potential to win.

"We’ve also got five games that we’ve got the potential to lose, so we’ve got to make sure we’re on point.

"That’s all we can look after. We can only control ourselves, our preparation, our application and our performance and we’ll leave the rest to the rest.

"You’d be foolish to say you haven’t got half an eye on other team’s fixtures because obviously we’re three points away from the top five, so we’ve got to pick up three points during the last five games.

"So you’ve got half an eye on that but you can’t rely on people to do you favours, you’ve just got to make sure you play as well as you possibly can and hope that things go your way."