BULLS head coach John Kear was fuming yesterday after their 34-34 draw with Swinton Lions at Odsal.

The hosts pulled back from 22-6 down to share the spoils, and even had a kick at the death to win it, but Kear said: “I would rather not say what I thought about that performance. If I said to you what I think it would be bleeped out.

“You do all of the hard work last week and then put in a performance like that and it is not good enough.2

Kear questioned the players’ mentality – particularly without the ball – and whether they were happy playing for a mid-table Betfred Championship team.

He said: “Too many players came here thinking the two points were already in the ledger, and that is disrespectful to Swinton and they got what they deserved in all honestly.

“It was not good enough how they mentally prepared themselves for the challenge.

“How they can go from nilling Widnes to conceding 34 points against Swinton I just don’t know but they have managed it.

“They just threw it away. We have played ourselves back into the play-off places and then we have played ourselves back out of it.

“You have to ask the question: ‘Do we want to win something or do we just want to play for Bradford Bulls week in, week out and be comfortable with that’?

“I don’t want to be a mid-table Championship team. I want to be in a team that is challenging for the top spot and promotion to get into Super League and that is the question that will be posed tomorrow and Tuesday when we review this in depth.

“The bottom of my tip sheet said ‘Be ready’ and they weren’t - 16 points after 15 minutes then you are always behind the black ball.

“Once you give a team a lead like that then they get excited and feel that there is a shock on the cards, and that is what happened.

“The way that we played it is a point gained. If I was Stuart Littler (Swinton’s head coach) I would feel that it is a point lost because they played the better rugby, they had more desire and more determination and that is what hurts me a great deal.

“We came here being Billy Big Time, expecting the two points to be on the ledger without working for it, but it does not happen.

“I don’t believe that if you let them score 34 points, we will score 35. That is rubbish. That is not rugby league. When we have the ball we play well and when they have the ball we play well.

“We played well with the ball but we didn’t play well without it so we will be bashing them this week so they had better get ready for it.

“That first 15 minutes we were absolutely abysmal and it was right across the board.

“There is a handful of players who can come off there and be happy. The rest of them thought ‘I will let somebody else win it for us and not push myself out of my comfort zone’ but rugby league does not happen like that and when you disrespect opponents that is what happens.

“Anyone who wants to see what was wrong with our team see that last try. We let them pour through the middle with some woeful tackling and everyone’s place will be up for grabs.”