SAM Hallas might have to watch his lip with the new interchange rule now in force.

John Kear will have two less substitutions available in tomorrow’s opening round against Featherstone Rovers at Odsal.

The reduction from 10 to eight, although the Bulls coach rarely used his full quota, will see a shift in emphasis to those players who can perform different roles in games.

Hallas is one of those utility options with his ability to switch from hooker to second row and still play the big minutes.

But he will have to learn to button it with the verbals.

He said: “It depends if I’ve annoyed anyone on the opposition team. If I try saying something to one of their players and then get moved to loose forward, they’ll try to take my head off.

“I’ve got to be careful in that regard. But I quite enjoy the challenge.

“I like being in there at nine because it’s very different. But then at loose forward, I get the chance to take the training wheels off and just go out and make an impact, running around like a mad man.”

While Hallas himself thrives on bumper game time, he does not see the new interchange rule and the introduction of a shot clock having the same impact on the Bulls as it might elsewhere.

“We’re a really fit, athletic group so I don’t think the interchange will bother us like it will some other teams,” he added.

“I’m not really bothered where I play as long as I’m out on the field and can give everything I’ve got.

“I base my game on being able to play big minutes. Mikey Wood can play amazing minutes and Elliot Minchella, wherever he’s needed on the park.

“We’ve got some real strength in depth and anyone can take anyone else’s place on the day. It can only be good for John and the coaching staff.

“We’ve also got a really good young group coming through. So, all the experience we’ve got in the first-team squad hopefully can be passed down to help out the young boys as well.

“Coaches want that kind of selection headache. That’s why he gets paid the big money to make those decisions.”

With six friendlies under their belt, the Bulls have clocked up the playing minutes in pre-season. But Hallas is still expecting the sternest of introductions back into the Championship from a rebuilt Featherstone side.

He said: “Featherstone have got a really good history. They will always be tough.

“There’s been a bit said about them losing a lot of players and we’ve got Matty and Connor Farrell down here.

“They have lost a lot of quality but I think they’ve gained it as well. There are a few ex-Academy boys who I played with at Leeds who I know will put their best foot forward week in, week out.

“Fev won’t be any slouches and we’ve got to be well prepared.”