JOHN Kear is relieved the Championship won’t be following Super League and bringing in the golden point.

The top division have scrapped draws for this season by adopting the sudden-death extra-time format used by the NRL in Australia.

But the concept has not filtered down to the second tier – much to the relief of Bulls coach Kear, who is not impressed with the idea.

He said: “I think there can be just as much excitement, jeopardy and quality in a drawn game – and sometimes more so – than in an artificial way of getting a result.

“Anybody who watches the NRL, which I do frequently, will state they had four games settled by a golden point last year, so you could argue it won’t really matter anyway.

“But the ones that did were like a ‘drop-goal-athon’. That’s not rugby league to me.

“You’re playing ‘hunt the drop-goal’ and that’s a different game – not one that I’m particularly fond of.

“If you left it to me, I’d give a point each for drawing and get an extra point for a golden try. You’d have to score a try to get it.

“Then it would resemble rugby league.”

Kear was on the wrong end of a golden-point finish in 2011 when his Wakefield side were beaten by Castleford in a Challenge Cup fifth-round tie.

He added: “It finished a draw and all we did then for 10 minutes was people trying drop goals who had never done it before in their lives.

“They had never practised them but were trying drop goals from all ridiculous angles and areas of the field – and ultimately that game was decided by a penalty for offside.

“For me, it was a really unsatisfactory way to finish what had been an outstanding game that had warranted going into over-time.

“I know they’ve got to have it for play-offs and knock-out games but I’m just glad we haven’t got it as a matter of course.”