LONDON Skolars coach Jermaine Coleman believes “ignorance is bliss” for tackling the Bulls.

If the weather allows it, the southern side will be the first visitors to Odsal in League One on Sunday.

Bulls pasted West Wales Raiders 82-6 in the Challenge Cup but Coleman is confident his team won’t freeze on the big stage – because they are unaware of the home side’s glittering past.

He said: “Without being disrespectful, our lads are a little bit naïve.

“As far as they are concerned, everyone up north plays rugby anyway. They probably don’t know the full history of Bradford as a club.

“What they will know is the lads who have been down here previously. Keyesy (Joe Keyes) spent some time at the club as did Matt Garside so they’ll know what they are about.

“But it’s probably a good thing they don’t know too much about what Bradford have achieved before, so won’t be daunted.

“Ignorance is bliss in this scenario and that works fine for me if it means our build-up is pretty much the same as it would be for any other game.

“If they knew all about the Bradford name then there would probably be a little bit more pressure or excitement.”

Coleman has mixed feelings to be competing with the Bulls in the third tier. But he feels they are approaching it the right way under John Kear with the emphasis on younger players.

He told the T&A: “It’s a bit surreal having seen Bradford at their height – and a little sad as well, I suppose.

“I guess they are doing the right thing now and building from the bottom upwards.

“They are going at it with a younger team and John is a great coach.

“When you play in the Championship, it’s great to give those young lads some experience.

“But you can’t have eight, nine or ten of them playing. You need seasoned professionals, not necessarily at the top end of their game but in a good part of their career.

“Maybe that didn’t get that balance right over the last couple of years.

“Now that they’re in League One, they can play the young kids and have a couple with experience like Ash Gibson, Gregg McNally and Lee Smith. They will help the younger ones and I think it’s a fairer level for those lads to play.”

Omari Caro picked up an injury in London’s narrow Challenge Cup exit at Whitehaven but Coleman is hopeful the winger will recover in time to face the club who released him at the end of last season.

“Fingers crossed he will be all right,” said Coleman. “Omari will be busting a gut to play.

“Going from being in a full-time environment at Bradford to part-time, he will very much have something to show and perform for.”

Coleman has played at Odsal just once before in an academy game for Halifax. He wants his team to relish the occasion – providing the snow relents in time.

“It’s a great ground with so much history and I think the boys will enjoy it.

“Hopefully the game is on and the weather improves because I don’t think the drainage at Odsal has ever been brilliant.

“If it is on, and the conditions aren’t great, it could be a bit of a mud-bath.

“But the atmosphere is always good and I’m looking forward to seeing us take another step forward with our development.

“It’s a similar situation to when we played Toronto last year. We’re playing a Bradford team who are ultimately 17 blokes playing at the same level.”