JOHN Kear has shouldered the blame for the Bulls failing to score a point against Toronto.

The Bulls have now been 'nilled' in successive friendlies after Friday night's 34-0 loss at Odsal.

But Kear is not concerned that they could not break down the Wolfpack – because he has not yet turned the training focus on attack.

The Bradford coach said: "It doesn't worry me at all. That's my fault.

"I'll take that because in the training schedule we've devised, we weren't planning to do attack within their 20 metres until between the Toronto and Keighley games.

"All the structure we've done has been away from that and on defence. This is the final touch hopefully before the Keighley game. So (not scoring) is down to me, not the players."

Kear felt the Transatlantic Cup defeat to Toronto was a "salutary but very useful" lesson as they prepare for two weeks of solid training ahead of the final warm-up encounter against Keighley.

"They schooled us in many areas, the biggest one was in the speed of the play-the-ball," he said.

"They played really quickly, which allowed them to play with expansion and ask questions of our edges.

"They controlled us going forward, which made it really difficult for our half-backs. They gave us a good lesson in that area.

"The other big lesson is how we start the game – 16 minutes into the game we were 16 points down.

"We'd touched the ball three times and in those we'd given a penalty away for obstruction and a dummy-half pass that went forward. We invited them to start as they did and that's something we need to address pretty urgently.

"Without being disrespectful to League One, I don't think we'll play a team as good as that for the rest of the season. They are a very good team and we learned some harsh but good lessons.

"It might sound strange but I think that game will have benefited us more than the previous three. It really does focus you on the areas we need to improve."

Centre Ross Oakes missed out with a tweaked hamstring but Kear is confident it is only a minor problem.