ANDREW Chalmers reckons the Transatlantic Cup has the capacity to expand as rugby league spreads into north America.

The Bulls take on Toronto Wolfpack at Odsal tomorrow night in the first of what both clubs hope will be an annual pre-season event.

Plans are already afoot for Bradford to cross the Atlantic this time next year in a return fixture – and Chalmers believes the newly-formed match-up can breed more interest in the game in such an untapped market.

The Bulls joint-owner said: "It's got huge potential. I know administrators of the game are looking at what the future looks like in terms of expansion opportunities.

"The Wolfpack bring a huge amount to the game and access to an enormous market.

"They've demonstrated in a very short space of time what a fantastic following they have. It's good for the game to see that growth."

Toronto director of rugby Brian Noble has been instrumental in arranging the duel with his former club.

He thinks the prospect of travelling to take on the Wolfpack next year could be a selling point for youngsters hoping to make the grade at Odsal and any potential recruits.

Noble said: "If you're one of those young players who were at Dewsbury in the horizontal rain and wind, the opportunity to go across for the reverse of this fixture and experience playing in front of 10,000 people loving the game must be exciting.

"We live in a global world now, particularly with sport.

"Say to a player who might be signing for Bradford that they can play in the Transatlantic Cup, which may grow to involve other clubs, and they will be excited.

"We hope it's going to be a massive event in the calendar."

The Bulls are banking on their highest pre-season attendance so far for the fourth of their five warm-up games.

Chalmers said: "We've got a fantastic membership and you'll see the numbers go up as the season moves towards its beginning.

"This game will be a really good barometer. All the indicators are saying that this is going to be a really decent crowd, which for a Friday night in the middle of your northern winter is very encouraging."