BULLS have secured five promising youngsters from their Academy on new contracts until 2020.

Matthew Storton, Rowan Milnes, Ebon Scurr, Keelan Foster and Vytas Vaznys have committed themselves to the Odsal club as they look to make an impact under John Kear.

The new head coach wants to keep youth at the heart of the Bulls and said: "I think that John Bastian (Head of Youth) and his staff have got a great structure at the club. They identify talent really well and give that talent the opportunity to shine, which is what these five lads have all done.

"You can see that one or two of them will be pushing for first-team rugby. We are really excited about them and we have John Bastian and his staff's judgement. There are good times around the corner not just for the first team but also for the juniors.

"The production line that comes through to the first team will be great in the future and it will contribute to a successful Bradford Bulls first team, predominantly made with homegrown youngsters."

Kear will work closely with Bastian to help the new players progress into first grade players, something Bradford have taken great pride in for generations.

Bastian said: "We are delighted that they have extended their contracts which gives the club some security as well as the players. Ultimately it gives them three years to further develop and progress their talent.

"We have been watching them in pre-season, how they are performing athletically and conducting themselves as young men, and they can all certainly perform. They had a tough year in the Academy last year.

"John has got an abundance of experience. I can see that from working with him over the last week. He has a very smart management style and I'm sure then what he gets to know these young fellas and when the time is right, he will give them their opportunity."